ANOTHER Cat!!!!!!

Gotcha! This week I have been the new cat, mewing and eating cereal out of my bowl next to my feline buddies. Sometimes I call myself Kia, sometimes Sammy and sometimes just Mew. Sometimes Mom seems to get a little tired of asking me questions only to get a "meow" or "meeewwww" in response:)


Giving Thanks in 2012

Life has been flying by! 2012 has been quite a year and we still have another month to go:) I have a lot to be thankful for this year. For one, being a four year old is pretty much awesome. Sure, I have my rough times but really I think this age is super fun and exciting.....

Another awesome thing that we are thankful for is that Daddy found a new job in March of this year that he LOVES and it allows Mom to continue to be at home with me. On top of that, Daddy officially graduated from college in June. It was a long process and hard to do while looking for work and being a dad and husband but he did it- with honors nonetheless!!!

I am also very thankful for my Kia cat (aka Purrr-Kia because of her seemingly constant purring). Even though she has thrown our feline family into a tailspin after 8 years of living together in a happy family of 3 boys, we all love her so much (especially when she looks like this:)

I am so thankful for my preschool and all of my wonderful friends. We were not sure how afternoon school would go this year because I am still a napper but it has been just fine! I look forward to going each day, except for Friday when I get to spend the whole day with mom:)

I love all of my friends but I have a very special place in my heart for Eliana. She has been coming over to hang out after school and I am very thankful for that!

This year for Thanksgiving my Auntie Crystal was here (and for Halloween as well) and that made the day so extra special. When we sat down for dinner and talked about Thanksgiving and what it means I said quite simply (and beautifully:) "Thanksgiving is all about family". Well said indeed. I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season and takes some time to be thankful for family, because that really is what it is ALL about.

(Please excuse the absolutely pathetic photos from Thanksgiving, Mom is completely off her game, she did not even get a photo of the table with food, just the beautiful flower arrangement that Dad sent to her for the special day:)


Birthday Auntie

Today my amazing Auntie Crystal turn's 25!!!!! In fact, she is literally asleep in the guest room (aka Auntie Crystal's room:) right now!!! Since I have not seen her yet this morning I wanted to share this little message.


I really do love you so much (we all do:)!!!!!! Thank you for being the best Auntie, sister and sister-in-law a family could ask for. Happy 25th Birthday!


Those People

Well it is official, my parents have lost it. They have become those people. As in those people who have not just one, or two, or three but FOUR felines living under one roof. They are Crazy Cat People, no denying it. Of course, I am not complaining because this newest addition is my very own kitten. My own! That's right. After a few months of asking for a kitten and getting the "someday" response my parents suddenly had a change of heart (possibly something to do with my recent feelings of loneliness and my constant following of our 15 year old somewhat grouchy cat, Steinbeck). Anyway, yesterday Mom took me to a place called Friends of Felines where there were two rooms crawling with kittens (it is kitten season, after all) and said that we would need to choose a girl because "the boys" (Ripley, Bailey and Steinbeck) might find her less annoying than another male (plus, I think she is tired of being the only female in the house:). In the second room, this little lady immediately found me and did not leave my side, purring, purring and purring.
 In the past 24 hours I have named her Bunny Rabbit, then Fig and finally Kia (after a purple kitty on my current favorite show "Justin Time").

I think she is a wonderful addition to our family, even if it means my parents are Those People:)


Three Years of HEARING!!!!

It is hard to believe that it has already been three years since my first cochlear implant was activated on Cinco de Mayo of 2009- wow!!!!!! I have come so far with my listening and speaking and I am so thankful for this wonderful technology. I know that I have not kept up on blogging very well but I did want to share this special day with everyone. Here are a few examples of my conversations/comments today:

"Mom, don't take all of my hair!!!" (She was trimming my hair)
"Mom, what are you making for dinner?" "After dinner, can I watch Dinosaur Train?"
"Let's go home, I can go on my swing outside"
"Mom, I like your earrings!"
"Can you put my blueberries back in the freezer for after bath?"
"Those kids had bad manners, I don't!" (hahahaha:)
"Daddy and I ate eggs for breakfast right here before he went to work"
"You have a cold like your mom, my grandma" "I am your son and a grandson and Isaac"
"All of my lemonade is going down, down, down, my cup is almost empty, likes Brooke's" (I love Mom's good friend Brooke, I got to see her last week and am still talking about her now:)
"Mom, this flashlight is running out of batteries, can you charge it and get me another one, please?"

Here is a little video that Mom took today. It is not the best, I am slightly distracted and Mom is a bit annoying but she was able to shoot it, upload it and post it so I would consider that a success:)

Happy hearing birthday to me and my right ear!!!!


Four, Four, Four!

Last week, on the fourth day of the fourth month I turned the big four!! We celebrated with a little party at Grandma's house.

Then on Saturday afternoon I had a few of my friends over for some cake and ice cream and lots of running around. The weather was actually nice enough to be outside, crazy for April in Oregon!

The next day was Easter Sunday and another beautiful day. The Easter Bunny brought me treats at my house and Grandma's.

Steinbeck and I helped Dad put together my new trampoline! Wheeeeeee!!!!!!


Beach Love

During our stay at the beach we also got to see Eliana! Mom took us down to the beach while the sun was out and we got to run in the beautiful (but cold) sun and sand.

I love that girl.