It Feels Like January

I thought that when it was almost May, it was supposed to be warm outside. I guess that Oregon is not on board with this concept. I am sure that it is like this every year (I barely even remember last year, but I was only one), but this spring seems extra cold and rainy. We went to the coast for Grandma's birthday, not to the house but to a hotel in Lincoln City, it was fun to do something a little different. The weather was OK, some rain, some sun, the usual.

We went to dinner where there were two awesome seagulls outside the window!!!!!

They were pretty cute.

I took a bath in a ginormous bath tub.


While Grandma opened up here birthday gifts, I took the opportunity to show off my sweet dance moves.

I even got Dad to dance.

Man, I love The Doors. They are pretty much my favorite band right now, well they always have been.

I also got to watch the Blazers kick some serious Sun butt!!!! The best part is when I get to yell and clap.

And I read my books (check out my new shoes, pretty sweet!)


Happy Birthday to Grandma!!!!

Today is my grandma's birthday! To celebrate, we are going to the coast with her- I can't wait! She is the best grandma in the whole wide world. From the day we met, we knew we had something special (and I was even "due" on her birthday, though I decided to make my appearance a bit earlier:).

Here we are last year on her birthday (yes, I might be pulling her earring).

And here we are just a few weeks ago, she taught me how to sign "I love you"- fitting, isn't it?:)

Happy, happy birthday Grandma, I sure do love you!!!!!!


Sand Dunes

Another week has gone by and I am still struggling to update my blog (Mom Failure). I wanted to include our trip to the beach a few weekends ago to celebrate my Auntie Brooke's birthday. It should be no surprise to anyone that Mom forgot the camera at the beach house so she only has the photos that were put on Dad's computer while we were there. The pretty photo of Auntie Brooke and her sweetie is on the camera, at the beach house......... Anyway, the weather was beautiful and I got to play in the dunes- awesome!!!

I ran all around while my mom chased me.

And then I got caught!

We went closer to the water.

And walked back along the beach.

Then back up to the dunes.

Mom and Dad took a photo of themselves (thanks for leaving me out guys).

And I took one last lap around a log before heading home for my nap.


Freaks and Friends

I have been very busy and bad about keeping up on this blog and am behind on the last few weeks, I'll work on catching up.....I had a wonderful birthday party with my best friend, Eliana and our families (sometimes, I wish that I could wear a pink dress too, well maybe my mom wishes, or maybe she just wants to wear one herself....).

And we had the most incredible Elmo cake that Eliana's mom made us- amazing!!!!!!

 Here I am with the parents, I was too excited by all of my gifts to look at the camera, oh well at least my Elmo shirt is smiling.....

Then, last Thursday, we went to an indoor concert with LIVE music!!! We saw a band called the "Freak Mountain Ramblers" who even played at my parents wedding. Eliana and I took Grandma to check out all the instruments before the band even started.

When the music started, I was a little unsure at first.

But when Eliana and her mom went up to dance, I had to follow.

And I stayed up there all night (with different family members, of course). I jammed out to the music and signed "more" each time a song ended. I can't believe how much fun it is to see music in person- wow! I hope that we get to go again very soon!!!!!!


Two Years Ago Today....

I was born!!!!!! I lived in my mom's tummy for nine months- well 37 weeks to be exact, hey it was crowded in there!

This is what I looked like (in Mom's tummy). Notice I am practicing my fist pumping rock move! I am so awesome!

And here I am the day I was born. Another "Blue Steel" moment! I call this one "Super Sweet Kissy Face Heart Breaker Stud"!

This is me last year at my first birthday, I think I should call this one "Yummy Cake Face, Flower Bib".

And here I am today, I sure have come a long way (but I still have that sweet little mouth).
Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!


Cause to Celebrate

Today is my parents nine year anniversary!!! That is how long they have been together (not married, that's five:). Can you believe it- nine whole years?!? That is more than four times my age. Here is the first photo of them together (all of these are before digital photography, so they are photos of photos). Yes, that is my dad with the long hair and the way too tan lady is my mom.

Back then, my dad was a rockstar (hi Uncle Seth!).

And my mom was the typical college student (hi Auntie Gina!).

My Auntie Gina and Uncle Seth set them up (thanks guys!) and, while they were very anti being set up, by the end of the night they were inseparable. If someone would have told them that, nine years later, they would be married with a little Isaac, I think they would have laughed out loud. Who's laughing now?!??????

They have been together a very long time (and through many different haircuts).

But they still seem pretty happy to me.

I love you both very, very much. Happy anniversary!!!!