The Lights Out

A few weeks ago I got to go to Bend with Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Jim to see The Lights Out play at an awesome out door amphitheater. I know all of the dudes in The Lights Out, especially Uncle Seth (in fact, he was the first person to sing me a rock song, when I was only a few days old and could not hear, but it was still cool:).

I got to sit with Auntie Gina and some other friends and I made sure to show off all of my amazing dancing and jumping skills.

Here I am really catching some air, with my delicious juice box (a real treat for me, Mom is super stingy with the juice).

Grandpa Jim always makes it extra fun, he is a cool guy.

Grandma shared some ice cream with me, she was pretty daring to be eating chocolate ice cream while wearing a white shirt on, especially with me around.

We stayed the night in Bend and the next day we took a long walk by the water.

I love seeing live music, and I love going on vacation- summer is FUN!!!!!!


At Least it is Summer at the Beach

I am with Mom and Grandma at the beach house, we are having a very good time! The sun was out big time yesterday and even though it is a little less sunny today, it is still nice out. We went down to the bay today (after my very first milk shake- YUM!) and I had a great time checking out the water.

It was a bit cold but still awesome!

We also played outside at the house, which is always a good time.

And earlier, before my nap, we went to the ocean to see all of the big waves.

But the best part, and I know that you will laugh at this, is that I get to open AND close the garage door with a button each time we leave and come back to the house. Hey, I live in a house that is "vintage" and was built way before there were automatic garage doors, or attached garages for that matter....


Dada's Day

Happy Father's Day, Dada! You are the absolute best! I am sorry that I felt so yucky last night, thank you for holding me tight and making me feel better. You are why I have made such a quick recovery today- plus, I did not want to be sick for Father's Day! I love you so, so much.

I have some big shoes to fill, but I think that I am on the right path....


Mama Isaac

My mom has quite a little collection of sunglasses, they are mostly big but they are all different colors and shapes. I love to wear them, even though I have my own pair I much prefer to strut around in her shades. Here I am at Grandma's showing off some serious style (and serious lack of pants).

Grandma has dubbed me "Mama Isaac" when I wear Mom's sunglasses, I am pretty cute. Recently, I have discovered another reason to call me "Mama Isaac". I imagine most of you would say that I look quite a bit like my dad. I mean seriously, look at my mom.

I wouldn't exactly call us twins. But while I was looking at old photos of her when she was a little girl, I discovered that she looked a lot different when she was my age- and a whole lot more like me!!!

She even had a best friend, but her name was Maya not Eliana.

She had a big cheesy grin, like me.

And wild blond hair.

Here she is with Grandma and Grandpa.

(it looks like family pictures are not high priority, we should work on that)

I wonder what this means for the future of my lovely, blond curls- not to mention my perfect little nose! Hopefully Dad's genes will take over for that................


Happy B-day Mama!

Today is my moms birthday, we didn't really do very much because the whole family got together yesterday to celebrate. This morning dad and I got up early and finished wrapping her gifts, and then I made her a cool card with all these awesome drawings. It was a lot of fun, 

However, yesterday was really Awesome!!!!

First I got to hang out with Dad and Mom all morning long. Dad didn't have any classes, so we just played and played and played. Then we went shopping for a few things and then I took a long nap.

When I woke up we went over to Grandmas house! She had been cooking all day long and the house smelled wonderful! She had made bread, ice cream, and a very yummy carrot cake! Everything tasted so good! Then Grandpa Jim let me open and shut the garage door like ten times! It went Up, up, up, and down, down, down!

After a bit Grandpa and Grammy Steph showed up! Grammy Steph brought all these presents in for my mom, and she even had some clothes for me too. Grandpa had made some vegetarian lasagna that we all ate way too much of. After we ate, and talked, we watched mom open gifts and she seemed really pleased with everything she received. There was even this strange cat thing she got, it holds tea or something, it sort of looked like our cat Bailey.

To round out the night we watched a little bit of the basketball game (go celtics!) and then I got to go into another room and watch one of my very own movies. Everyone took turns coming in and sitting with me while I watched. It was so fun!

I can't wait for my moms next birthday. Happy birthday mommy I love you very much!!!

and thank you daddy for typing this all up for me.