Christmas pics

Here are some pics from Christmas.


December at the Oregon Coast (really!!!)

The following photos take place on the Oregon coast, in December, two days straight in a row.

For those of you who do not live in Oregon, this is not normal, especially in December.



Well it was bound to happen one of these days, as a three year old boy who runs around the house in (literally) circles. On Sunday evening I ran straight into a dining room chair and split a small part of my forehead straight open. I will spare you the details but Mom and Dad decided that I was in need of stitches so we headed to Urgent Care. They were quick and nice and kept me relatively calm, until I had to have the numbing shots and the actual stitches. There was crying, yelling and I had to have my parents hold me down but with the promise of a blue lollipop, I pulled through. In fact, the nurses and doctor said I did a great job for such a little guy and that I showed a huge amount of self control. Hey, anything for a lollipop! So here I am, five stitches, one lollipop and a bunch of stickers later.

On the drive home our conversation went like this:
Mom: "How are you doing?"
Me: "Not good"
Mom: "Why not good?"
Me: "Because I am sad"
Mom: "Why are you sad?"
Me: "Because the doctor hurt me"

I know it was not on purpose but it really did hurt..............



Today Mom was talking to her friend at Kid's Club who is super, duper pregnant. In fact, her baby is due to be born tomorrow! Anyway, you can imagine how big her tummy has gotten. Kind of like Mom before she had me:

Anyway, I was very interested in her tummy and thought it was quite funny. I said "You have a big tummy!!!!" and laughed really loudly. Then I said "You have a baby in there?" and she replied "I sure do!". I thought about it for a second and then asked "Why did you swallow a baby?". She and Mom found this quite amusing..................


Bad Hair Day

As usual, I have had trouble keeping up with this blog, I guess that my life is just too busy and exciting:).
I have decided to start a short and sweet weekly, or bi-weekly series entitled "Funny and/or Sweet Things that Isaac Says". I know that adult's always quote the silly things that their kids say and my parents are no exception. Besides making my readers smile, this series will also be a way to celebrate how far I have come with my CI's. So without further ado......

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch next to my mom and she said that she needed to take a shower. I looked closely at her and her hair (which was totally wild) and said "Why are you having a bad hair day, Mommy?"
A better, hat covered hair day:)


Happy Birthday,

Grammy Steph!!!! I love you!

(Sorry for the low quality and dark picture.....)



For Halloween this year I was..... A cat! Not too big of a surprise considering that I have three adorable and neurotic kitties. The surprise was that instead of choosing to be one of my own fun loving felines I chose to dress up as Grandma's elusive and somewhat unfriendly cat Miggy (Miguel). Yes, I realize I look quite feminine but I promise you that Eliana looked MUCH more girly.......

This is our third year trick-or-treating together, WOW! We had a great night and got loads of goodies!


Just Right

After many nights (more like months) of sleeping on the floor because I was so over my toddler bed, my parents FINALLY got the hint!

There is even room enough for Daddy to snuggle with me while we read books (no, fortunately, Dad is not reading "A Storm of Swords" aloud to me:). Thanks for my super big boy bed, guys!!


It's Fall!

The fall like weather has reached us here in Oregon. I like it, though I do miss being outside without having to get bundled up.....

Last week we went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with my preschool, Mom even got to come! It was a BLAST!!!!!!!
We went on a hayride.

Picked apples.....

Picked out our very own pumpkins to take home!

Played in a teepee.

Ate warm donuts and apple cider.

Played with animals.

Then I ate my delicious apple while playing on the bales of hay:)