Just Right

After many nights (more like months) of sleeping on the floor because I was so over my toddler bed, my parents FINALLY got the hint!

There is even room enough for Daddy to snuggle with me while we read books (no, fortunately, Dad is not reading "A Storm of Swords" aloud to me:). Thanks for my super big boy bed, guys!!


It's Fall!

The fall like weather has reached us here in Oregon. I like it, though I do miss being outside without having to get bundled up.....

Last week we went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with my preschool, Mom even got to come! It was a BLAST!!!!!!!
We went on a hayride.

Picked apples.....

Picked out our very own pumpkins to take home!

Played in a teepee.

Ate warm donuts and apple cider.

Played with animals.

Then I ate my delicious apple while playing on the bales of hay:)