Three Years of HEARING!!!!

It is hard to believe that it has already been three years since my first cochlear implant was activated on Cinco de Mayo of 2009- wow!!!!!! I have come so far with my listening and speaking and I am so thankful for this wonderful technology. I know that I have not kept up on blogging very well but I did want to share this special day with everyone. Here are a few examples of my conversations/comments today:

"Mom, don't take all of my hair!!!" (She was trimming my hair)
"Mom, what are you making for dinner?" "After dinner, can I watch Dinosaur Train?"
"Let's go home, I can go on my swing outside"
"Mom, I like your earrings!"
"Can you put my blueberries back in the freezer for after bath?"
"Those kids had bad manners, I don't!" (hahahaha:)
"Daddy and I ate eggs for breakfast right here before he went to work"
"You have a cold like your mom, my grandma" "I am your son and a grandson and Isaac"
"All of my lemonade is going down, down, down, my cup is almost empty, likes Brooke's" (I love Mom's good friend Brooke, I got to see her last week and am still talking about her now:)
"Mom, this flashlight is running out of batteries, can you charge it and get me another one, please?"

Here is a little video that Mom took today. It is not the best, I am slightly distracted and Mom is a bit annoying but she was able to shoot it, upload it and post it so I would consider that a success:)

Happy hearing birthday to me and my right ear!!!!