Those People

Well it is official, my parents have lost it. They have become those people. As in those people who have not just one, or two, or three but FOUR felines living under one roof. They are Crazy Cat People, no denying it. Of course, I am not complaining because this newest addition is my very own kitten. My own! That's right. After a few months of asking for a kitten and getting the "someday" response my parents suddenly had a change of heart (possibly something to do with my recent feelings of loneliness and my constant following of our 15 year old somewhat grouchy cat, Steinbeck). Anyway, yesterday Mom took me to a place called Friends of Felines where there were two rooms crawling with kittens (it is kitten season, after all) and said that we would need to choose a girl because "the boys" (Ripley, Bailey and Steinbeck) might find her less annoying than another male (plus, I think she is tired of being the only female in the house:). In the second room, this little lady immediately found me and did not leave my side, purring, purring and purring.
 In the past 24 hours I have named her Bunny Rabbit, then Fig and finally Kia (after a purple kitty on my current favorite show "Justin Time").

I think she is a wonderful addition to our family, even if it means my parents are Those People:)