Happy Day

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!!! I love you so very much.


Just Like Daddy

My dad is so cool.

I love to watch him draw and paint.

 I also love to draw alongside him (or behind, whatever:).

This usually happens on the living room floor since he does not have a studio of his own (someday, Dad, someday).

He has worked on countless self portraits over the years. Today, I drew my very first.


The Party Never Ends

Last weekend was full of parties. On Saturday we had my birthday party with my family and friends. Mom baked a cake and Dad decorated it like a dino!!!

We had lots of yummy food!

I blew out my three candles!

And opened awesome gifts.

Played with my bubble machine (as usual:).

And got a NEW bubble machine!



Mom, are you drinking from my milk cup?!?


Allisa, Jack's mom, with another little one on the way!

Playing with Jack.

My sweetie pie.
The next day I went to Eliana's birthday party where I got my face painted- awesome!!!!

I am super happy here....
because, on my actual birthday, I got the one thing that I asked for.....


Oh, yeah!!!!!!

We also celebrated at Gradma's house.

The Fam.

Bow head.

I got two new dino's!  
 I am all partied out but I had a really great birthday. Thanks to everyone for helping make it so special and fun!!!!!


Quite a Day!!!!

Not only was today my third birthday but it was also my first day of preschool!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! I think that Mom was way more nervous than I was.
Thanks for the Blazers backpack guys. Seriously.

We had been practicing that I would say "bye" to Mom when we got to school and then she would come back after awhile to pick me up. Well we got there and Mom kept hanging around by the door, not wanting to leave, while I was busy coloring with my new friends. So I turned around to her, waved and said "bye-bye!". I guess that was what she needed because she left, finally! I had a really fun time and am excited to go back on Wednesday. What a Big Boy I am becoming:)


A Decade

Today, my parents have been together for one whole decade!!!!  Thanks to them, I get to be here and all of you get to read my blog:) It is hard to believe this was ten years ago.

Pretty darn sweet....

And they are still pretty darn sweet and cute together.

I also want to take this opportunity to wish my Bailey cat a happy 10th birthday! That is right, my parents got him in June of 2001 when he was two months old. Happy birthday Bay-bot!!!!!

I love you guys so much! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!