What's New?

Well probably a whole lot is new but I have been so terrible about blogging that I don't even know where to start. Mom has been keeping me very busy lately. I have been going to school, having fun playdates with friends, playing outside (weather permitting) and being an all around crazy three year old. Dad is at the end of his school term so it has been CRAZY for him (and us:). He has had a lot of special end of year and senior year projects to work on but is so close to finishing! He even sold two of his paintings- good job Daddy!!!! We are all pretty proud of him and his amazing artwork...............

 (Even if all of the hours drawing, painting and studying have made him a bit wacky:)

I have been super into my grandpa lately "Paw-Paw!". Whenever he is around I have to be within a foot of him and am constantly calling to him "Paw-Paw, come please!" "Paw-Paw, play ball machine please!" and am just heartbroken when he has to go home.

We have also been making special trips to the "beach house!!!" with Grandma so that Dad has extra time at home to do work without constant interruptions (me:). It is always super fun there and pretty relaxing, though the weather has been so rainy that we never get to go down to the ocean. I would share some photos but alas, our camera is missing. I know, shocker- right? :) You would think that a bright red camera would be easy to keep an eye on but according to my calculations, Mom and Dad have lost it at least 3 times in the past year. It may have gotten away for good this time...........


Happy Mothers Day!!!!

 This goes out to all the wonderful mommies out there that constantly keep everything running smoothly. I know my mom sure has her hands full between me and my dad. We really appreciate you mommy, you are the greatest, and if it were up to me, I would give all the moms of the world more than a day. You deserve a week. Hug your moms I know I will! Let them know how great they are. Where would we be, and what would we do without them enduring all that they do on a daily basis?

Mommy and I taking photos of ourselves!

This is a picture I drew of my mom, pretty good aye?

Here I am with my Grandma and guess what? She is My MOMS MOM! What!!!!

Here we are all together, I was more interested in the cake that was sitting just below the frame of the picture, but still I wanted to have a picture up of me with my two favorite ladies.

And here I am with my mom at the beach. Usually Mom, Grandma and I go down to the beach house together and then Dad and Grandpa Jim come down a day later. I love hanging out with the girls at the beach, we always have a great time!

I love you Mom and Grandma!


Happy Hearing Birthday!!!!

Two years ago today I had my first (right side) cochlear implant activated (my second implant was done six months later). It has been a long two years and I have made progress on my own time. While I have always been a great listener and my receptive language has soared, my verbal skills have taken much longer to develop and I have just recently discovered the joys (and usefulness) of talking. Today, much to my family's delight, I can even sing a little song. Yes, I am wearing my implants in the bath tub. No, it may not be the best idea, but I live on the edge. I do my best not to splash and never, ever, pour water on my head while they are on (or while they are not on, I hate water on my head:).

Today my family is very grateful for my sweet little voice and my very special "ears". Happy two year hearing birthday to me and my cochlear implant!


Some Sunshine

Well our Oregon spring weather has been pretty ridiculously awful so far. Rain, rain and more rain. This does not make a little boy who loves being outside very happy. Surprisingly, the past two weekends have brought some nice sunshine prompting me to exclaim "I like sun!". It has also come at the perfect time for the Saturday Market!!!! One of my all time favorite Saturday morning activities is our traditional walk to the market. Last weekend we got to go with Eliana and Kelsey!

I got to pick out my favorite strawberry gelato icy treat!

Auntie Crystal and Ty met us there and spent the whole weekend with us- I am SO lucky!

Yesterday (Sunday) was also super sunny and warm so I got to spend a lot of time outside and at the park. We even ate dinner outside and I tried potstickers, my new favorite food! I guess that my parents forgot to take photos, thanks guys:)

Today is Monday and the rain is back, hopefully the sun returns this week!