Happy Hearing Birthday!!!!

Two years ago today I had my first (right side) cochlear implant activated (my second implant was done six months later). It has been a long two years and I have made progress on my own time. While I have always been a great listener and my receptive language has soared, my verbal skills have taken much longer to develop and I have just recently discovered the joys (and usefulness) of talking. Today, much to my family's delight, I can even sing a little song. Yes, I am wearing my implants in the bath tub. No, it may not be the best idea, but I live on the edge. I do my best not to splash and never, ever, pour water on my head while they are on (or while they are not on, I hate water on my head:).

Today my family is very grateful for my sweet little voice and my very special "ears". Happy two year hearing birthday to me and my cochlear implant!


  1. happy hearing birthday!!!! love it!

  2. Thank you!!! I know that your sweet little M celebrated her second hearing birthday recently as well, quite a milestone for our kiddos (and us:)!