We have been working a lot on manners in our house lately. More specifically "please", "thank you" and asking for things in a "polite" way. This has also helped me to put words together and even, most recently, speak in a short phrase, as in " I want milk please." We have been practicing using this phrase to ask for various things and the other day in the car I spontaneously said "I want food please!" Mom was very proud of me! Here is a little clip of me asking for my favorite song to be played (I call it "ooohhh" because the title actually has a bad word in it, and excuse the messy house, it was the end of a long day:). I find it very hard to sit still, obviously.

I have also been a little bossy lately, not to mention possessive of my snacks. I say "No Mama!" quite often. I think Mom thought it was cute at first (well anything I say for the first time is cute:) but now she is trying to teach me to say "No thank you Mama" and I am slowly complying. When I visit Grandma I like to drag her around to where I want her to be, these days she wants me to say "Come please" I sometimes forget but I am trying very hard.This manners thing can be a real drag, but I guess that it is important to learn (almost as important as learning proper oral hygiene:)


Birthday Wishes

Happy 30th Birthday to Gina! My parents already went to Portland to celebrate this milestone on Saturday. I was not invited as it was held in a bar but I heard that it was a great time. As usual, Mom and Dad didn't get many photos (though they did record a little video of Seth telling jokes, but I don't think that it would be appropriate to share on my blog). They did manage to snap a cute one of the birthday girl and her sweetie (who also makes amazing pizza, or so I've heard).

I got to stay with Grandma and I was up almost as late as my parents were- midnight! What?!? Yeah, I know, I was a little overly happy to be staying at Grandma's and just could not get to sleep. On the upside, I was in a great mood and quite sweet so I don't think I will be banned from sleepovers at her house forever (maybe for just a month or so:)

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day Gina!!! It looks like it might actually be a sunny one:)


A Sweet New Friend

Yesterday I got to meet a new friend, baby Wilde (sorry for the dark photos, Mom did not want to disturb him with the camera flash).

Wilde is an extra special friend because his dad, Andrew, is one of my parents oldest and dearest friends (he was even the ordained minister at their wedding) and his mom, Mia, is super cool and pretty. She always gives me a lot of attention and makes me laugh, I am such a hit with cute girls! Wilde slept most of the time but Mom did get to hold him at the end. I guess that it is fun to hold tiny babies because Mom cuddled him and smiled a lot. I am just excited for him to grow up so that we can play, one day 2 1/2 years age difference will seem like nothing. Welcome to this super fun world, Wilde!!!


Cupcakes and Vacuuming

This past weekend was very fun for me. On Saturday, we went to Jack's third birthday party- awesome! It was at this neat painting studio where we got to make our very own art and bring it home. We also got to dance in a dark room with a STROBE LIGHT, about the coolest thing I have ever seen. Best of all, we ate delicious cupcakes made by Allisa- yummy! I wish that I had some photos to share, but the camera was malfunctioning (no, I did not destroy it this time).............

On Sunday we went to Eugene to visit Avery and her parents. She has grown up so much- she is almost two!!! We played with a bunch of fun toys and had yummy snacks. Thankfully, the camera was working again but Mom still missed getting a photo of me and an awesome toy vacuum. It was red and made cool noises, I pushed it all over the house.

Midge read us a story, she is super nice.

Raspberries are my very favorite, it makes me miss summer......



I love my cats. They are all so funny and furry. I especially love to give them catnip and watch them act silly. Steinbeck is the best, he goes totally wacko! (please excuse my towel, this was right after my bath).

The only cat who is not interested in the catnip is Ripley. Dad says that is because Ripley is part wolf. Maybe wolves like to wear Skittles bags on their heads too.


Happy New Year!

Happy 2011 everyone! I brought in the new year with a terrible cough and a high fever- not fun but I am feeling much better now. Yesterday we went for a walk to the store, it was very cold but so sunny and while we were there, a woman gave me a free Happy New Year balloon- hooray!

I also got to spend some time with my friends, Becki and Nick, last week. They live in Texas so this is actually the first time I have even got to meet them, but my parents have been friends with them for a long time so that means that they are old friends of mine. Becki is super fun and cute, and everyone knows that I am a sucker for cute girls. She gave me a special new dino shirt and even made us dinner!

When it was time for me to go to bed, I gave Becki and big hug and a kiss and when Nick tried to give me a fist bump I dove right in and gave him a big hug and kiss as well- I couldn't leave him out! I can't wait to see them again, I know that Mom and Dad feel the same way.

After this, Christmas still wasn't over! On New Year's Day, Scott came over with even more gifts- what?!? He brought me the most awesome dino I have ever seen. He moves, roars and chomps when I pet him!!!

He even squirts water, which I love to stand in front of. I think I am a pretty lucky little guy (and quite popular:)