Cupcakes and Vacuuming

This past weekend was very fun for me. On Saturday, we went to Jack's third birthday party- awesome! It was at this neat painting studio where we got to make our very own art and bring it home. We also got to dance in a dark room with a STROBE LIGHT, about the coolest thing I have ever seen. Best of all, we ate delicious cupcakes made by Allisa- yummy! I wish that I had some photos to share, but the camera was malfunctioning (no, I did not destroy it this time).............

On Sunday we went to Eugene to visit Avery and her parents. She has grown up so much- she is almost two!!! We played with a bunch of fun toys and had yummy snacks. Thankfully, the camera was working again but Mom still missed getting a photo of me and an awesome toy vacuum. It was red and made cool noises, I pushed it all over the house.

Midge read us a story, she is super nice.

Raspberries are my very favorite, it makes me miss summer......

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  1. Hi Isaac!
    Thanks so much for coming to my birthday, it was super cool having you there! I think my mom took some pics so I'll tell her to send you some.

    Hope to see you soon!
    Love, Jack