I like to copy what Dad does, I mean he is the coolest guy I know. I copy Mom too (like when she sneezed last night and I ran into the kitchen to imitate her, she sounded funny!) but mostly I like to follow my dad around and do "manly" stuff. Like play the guitar, or paint, or sit with my napkin in my lap, or wrap my blanket around me like a cape. This is all very manly, I am sure of it. My dad loves his iPod, so I love it too.

I like to put the earbuds in my ears and turn the music up so that the sound reaches my processors, I look just like Dad- so cool!


Big Night

I have been having a very good time lately. A few weekends ago, we went to an awesome birthday party where I got to run around, play with friends and eat a delicious cupcake. Afterward, the fun wasn't over. My parents dropped me off at Grandma and Grandpa Jim's house for an overnight stay and left to visit friends and have fun. Grandma and I ate ice cream, watched "Cars", read bedtime stories and sang lullabies. I figured that, since my parents said they were going out to have fun, they would be doing the same thing. Apparently not. In fact, when I found the camera the next day it didn't look like they watched "Cars" or ate any ice cream at all, and it seems the closest they came to singing lullabies was when Uncle Seth played the guitar for them.

It looks like they had a great time without me. Laughing at funny things.
Listening to music.

And staying up late.

But I forgave them because the next morning I got to hang out with Grandma, Grandpa Jim and even Grandpa who brought over waffles and banana bread (thanks Grammy Steph)- yummy! I think that they even missed me a little:) Well who wouldn't, I am pretty sweet.


It's Potty Time!!!

There has been a lot of talk about the potty over the past few months. I have an awesome video called "Potty Time with Elmo" and an Elmo potty book. Anyway, I have been practicing sitting on the potty before my bath each night, well actually not so much lately. My parents are giving me time and space and following my lead on this one and I haven't wanted to sit on it lately.

But last night, I was running around the house without a diaper and Mom brought out my potty (into the living room, but whatever works, right?), I went right up to it and sat down all on my own. Then I ran around some more and she kept asking me if I needed to go pee, how annoying. Unfortunately, I did and I peed a little on the floor, which was so horrifying that I exclaimed "uh-oh" and covered my face with my hands. When I said "uh-oh" again, Mom knew what was happening and sat me down on my potty where I peed- a whole, whole bunch!!!!! She was very proud of me and I felt proud of myself. It will take a lot of practice but this is my first big potty step! Happy Friday!!


Mothers Day

A lot of my regular blog readers are moms, so to them "Happy Mothers Day!!".

Although I have some sad news for you ladies, as it turns out my mom is the ultimate mom! I am not just saying that either, I actually hired three separate polling companies to figure out who was the Northwests ultimate mom, and my mom polled considerably higher than all others. which leads me to the only possible conclusion: My mom is the best mom and she doesn't deserve just a day, but like a whole week!

Seriously! I'm not even doing this to butter her up. I have no ulterior motives.

She does so much for me and dad. She is the glue that holds together our family and our lives. I think most mom's are this way. Without them I don't think the world would even work. Nothing would get done, no one would be on time, it would be chaos.

Every mom is special, but my mom is the ultimate. One day isn't long enough to appreciate all that our moms do for us, and absolutely not long enough for me or my dad to properly thank her for everything she does.

I love you ma-ma!

here are some of my favorite photos of her:

This is mom before boarding the small plane that would begin the first legs of my parents honeymoon to Europe.

This is her and Dad on that small plane.

Mom and I checking out a leaf.

One of her famous car photos.

Look how excited I am in this picture!!

An artsy shot...

Mom as she hulk!

Me as....ummm little hulk?

These last two photos are my two absolute favorites of the favorites. I like this one because I think it looks like some kind of ad for Gap or something.

And this one because its just....cool

*this was translated by my dad least anyone think my mom made a post about herself.


Happy Hearing Birthday!

Today I am celebrating one year of hearing!!! My first Cochlear Implant was activated on Cinco de Mayo! Here I am last year.

That was my original Freedom implant and before my parents discovered the beauty of wig/body tape to keep it in place (and before I had much hair:). Here I am today.

Boy, so much has changed in a year! I am so incredibly grateful for my implants. I am able to understand so much and am learning to say more and more words. My receptive language is coming along much more quickly than what I am producing but my parents work very hard, along with some other very special people, to help me to communicate and use my voice.

I love to dance, listen to stories, point out objects in books and babble. I can make all of my ling sounds and say about 20 words (maybe more, some of them sound a lot alike:). I am so good at following directions and understand more words each day (most recently, "clown", who knows where I picked that one up). I am beginning to do more imitating of what others say and I like to point and label objects that I see around. I can point out my hair, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. (and yours:) and if you ask me where my ears are I point to my beloved implants. My favorite words are "Mama", "up-up", "around, around" ("roun-roun", as in anything that goes around and around) and "more" (which I sign as well). I only sign the word "Dada" right now but one day I will get my "d's" down. My dad is my most absolute favorite person in the whole world and I ask for him all day long while he is in school. I love my dad, and I love my "ears".


America's Next Top Model

is..... ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few weeks ago, I had my photos taken by Sara from Studio Sub Dio.
She is my neighbor and a very nice lady. I must confess that I wasn't the best model, I mean I have an overabundance of energy and do not like to sit still, but I am pretty cute so this seemed to make up for it.

Check out my reflection- how clever is that?!?

I liked the tennis net.

I am too cute.