It's Potty Time!!!

There has been a lot of talk about the potty over the past few months. I have an awesome video called "Potty Time with Elmo" and an Elmo potty book. Anyway, I have been practicing sitting on the potty before my bath each night, well actually not so much lately. My parents are giving me time and space and following my lead on this one and I haven't wanted to sit on it lately.

But last night, I was running around the house without a diaper and Mom brought out my potty (into the living room, but whatever works, right?), I went right up to it and sat down all on my own. Then I ran around some more and she kept asking me if I needed to go pee, how annoying. Unfortunately, I did and I peed a little on the floor, which was so horrifying that I exclaimed "uh-oh" and covered my face with my hands. When I said "uh-oh" again, Mom knew what was happening and sat me down on my potty where I peed- a whole, whole bunch!!!!! She was very proud of me and I felt proud of myself. It will take a lot of practice but this is my first big potty step! Happy Friday!!