Battery Life

When I used to wear my Freedom CI, I had rechargeable batteries, this was very nice. I love my new N5's but they do not have rechargeable batteries just yet. Since I wear two, I go through A LOT of batteries. At least they can be recycled.

Yesterday, I had another hearing test to see how I am doing with my left (newer) CI. Dad was able to come with me this time so that made things easier. I just feel really insecure in these situations and I hate not knowing what will happen next. Mom is great, of course, but Dad really helps to calm me when I am feeling apprehensive.

Anyway, I went into the booth with Dad and Angie and heard a lot of strange sounds. I looked around and buried my face in Dad's shoulder because I felt scared- but I consistently heard down to 20 db!!! Then Mom sang "The Wheels on the Bus" song into the microphone (lucky everyone who got to hear that little concert:) and when I could not see her I felt confused and cuddled up to Dad again- at 20db!! This is really good news because it has been hard to MAP my implant at OHSU since I get scared. Also, before my CI's, I couldn't hear sounds until around 70-75db (the lower the number, the better), which is very, very loud. 

I really do love my CI's, no matter how many batteries they use:)


February Sun

We spent last weekend at the beach and the weather was very nice for a change. On Friday evening there was even a nice sunset that I got to watch!

We went to Newport on Saturday to have lunch and go down to Nye Beach. It was chilly but beautiful so I decided to head down to the water with my bucket to check things out.

I found a neat little spot where I could play and scoop water, Dad decided to join me.
My friends were even there to play in the water, I made sure that they had a good time too!

When it was time to go, I did not want to leave but we quickly headed to lunch and I was happy about that.

When I woke up from my nap, little Avery was there! She is so cute that I decided to share my car and strawberries with her.

Avery's mom is also cute and brought bubbles to play with!

That evening, there was another pretty sunset- how lucky are we?!?


Building of Doom

After school on Friday we packed up and headed for the coast. On the way out of town, Dad drove us into this big, strange, garage type building and handed money to a man. We pulled forward into a scary looking machine and stopped the car. I was very suspicious when I started to hear loud, weird, swooshing sounds.

I quickly looked around to see what was going on (yes, that is graham cracker on my sweet little face).

The car was being pounded with water and a crazy spinning brush came out of no where and began scrubbing my window!

No longer enjoying this little "ride", I expressed my dissatisfaction and confusion to my parents.

And just as quickly as it had all began, it was over. Phew.


Steam and Sunshine

Well we finally got another camera, on Monday actually, but Mom and I have been pretty busy so I haven't had a chance to post until today. We have been able to play outside this week because there is FINALLY some sunshine! This morning, the sun was warming the frosty ground and my dad took me out to see the steam rising from the chairs and deck- so cool!

After Dad left for school, Mom and I went on a fun play date with some new friends- I had a great time and was very ready for my nap when we got home. When I got up, we headed over to Grandma's. I enjoyed the sun and a snack on the way over.

After our walk, Grandma came over to hang out while Mom packed for our beach trip tomorrow. I got to cuddle with Grandma and watch Sesame Street.

In other (and more important) news, two new friends have joined my clan- Grover and Oscar the Grouch!

All in all, it has been a pretty good week!


My Valentine's

I just want to wish all of my Valentine's (and I have many) a happy day! We are still without a camera (tomorrow, hopefully) so here is a photo of me and two of my favorites from Valentine's day last year.



In the past few days I have realized something very important. If I say "Mama" it helps me to communicate better with my mom. Like at Kid's Club the other day, I wanted Mom to play on the xylophone with me so I sat down next to it and grabbed one of the sticks and said "Mama" while handing the stick to her. She seemed very happy about this so I kept using "Mama" to let her know that I wanted her to shovel with me and to play with the xylophone again (hey, I love music!). Tonight Mom was putting dinner together while I was in my highchair already beginning to eat when I decided that I wanted to give her a bite of my noodles. I said "Mama" and held out a noodle and she ate it with a big smile on her face. How easy was that! I kept up the routine all during dinner and she seemed very happy with me. Apparently Mom likes to hear her name.......

We are still without a camera for a few more days so here is an old one of Mama and me.


Birthday's, Balloons and Big Hair

I woke up from my nap on Friday to some wild hair (and pink cheeks)!

I thought that I should call someone to tell them about it. 
But no one answered so I put on Mom's shades to complete my hip new look.
Later on, Eliana and Kelsey came over to help celebrate Dad's birthday. I was super happy to see Eliana and ran around the house to show her how cool I am (not that it wasn't obvious with my sweet hair). Mom made Dad a birthday cake and I got to help him blow out the candles!

The next day, I was looking at photos from the night before and discovered that a lot happens after I go to bed. Look at my friends on Dad's head!

And here they are on Rippy!

I guess that Eliana stays up and has fun too, how is this possible?!?

On Saturday we went to Avery's First Birthday party, it was super fun! I got to eat a cupcake and play on slides! Dad is so silly...

But the highlight of the day was when Avery's mom was nice enough to share one of Avey's balloons with me! I held on to that thing for the whole ride home. 

On Sunday we went to a delicious brunch at a winery with Grandma and Grandpa Jim to celebrate Dad's birthday. 

I had a great time eating lots of food and hanging out with my family. 
And taking photos of myself.

Unfortunately, soon after this photo was taken the camera had an unfortunate incident. Grandma warned Mom and Dad about the cement floor but they were in denial. I think that my life as a photographer will be put on hold until I am a little older. RIP beloved little Canon Camera, it looks like Dad's birthday money will be put to good use..................


Daddy's Day

I love my dad. I am still mostly signing his name but I do say "aaa-aaa" sometimes. Here I am signing "Daddy" when I was thinking of him and asking Grandma where he was.

Today is his birthday! He is much older than I am. In fact, I can't believe that I will ever be as old as he is..... Anyway, even though he is such an old man, he is still the best dad in the entire world. From the beginning, I knew that he was incredible.

He is also the funniest guy I know. 

I don't think that there could be a better dad in the whole wide world (or one with such a strong back!).


Happy, Happy Birthday Dad! I love you soooooooooo much (and so does Mom!).


Adorable Avery

One year ago today, my adorable girlfriend, Avery, was born. Here is a photo of the first time that we met.

We have hung out a lot. My favorite is when we go to the beach together. Look at tiny Avery in the sling with her dad!

Here we are when we got a little older, I had to check out her ear. (That's right, there is a history of pink jammies in my life).

Now, we are both really growing up.

Happy first birthday Avery! I can't wait to see you on Saturday! I love you!


My New Friends

Lately, I have been VERY into Elmo and Sesame Street. Grandma bought me special books and videos with the Sesame Street characters in them and I have gotten very good at pointing out each one of them when asked "Where is Cookie Monster?" etc. (I even say "Elmo"). Mom got me a little plastic Elmo that I love to cart around with me everywhere. Yesterday, when I got up from my nap, I found that Elmo had been joined by two new friends!!!

I was beyond thrilled and excited to see them! (p.s. check out Dad's possessed monster cat in the background).

I quickly made friends with the little guys.

What is Steinbeck doing with my milk cup?!?

I busied myself with arranging them.

These guys are so awesome!

Then I decided to move them.

Where I carefully arranged them on the arm of the couch.
And admired by meticulous handiwork.

This morning, I invited all three of them to join me for breakfast.

Please, no judgments on the pink p.j.'s- they were too warm for Eliana so she was nice enough to give them to me....