The Olive Pit

Last week was my dad's Spring Break so we decided to go on a road trip to visit my family in California! I think that my parents were a bit nervous about how I might do on the drive so we stopped in Ashland for the first night. We had a great view from our hotel room.

We also went to an awesome park where I went on the big boy swing for the first time all by myself.

Then we went out to dinner at a fun place and had a nice walk around downtown. I was pretty happy, and so were my parents.

The next day we traveled on to the Olive Pit, aka Corning, where I got to sample many olives (or "olves" as I call them). I was very happy in the car and even got to watch my new dvd, "Cars" (thanks Grandma!).

I immediately made myself at home at GG's house, look how pretty she is! Can you believe that she is my Great Grandma?! ?

 And then I got down on the floor to color with my grandpa and my dad.

The weather was very pretty and we went on many adventures to see the sights of where Dad lived when he was little. I got to see horses up close, so cool!

We also checked out the Sacramento River.

And some awesome rocks.

I went down a slide with Dad.

And we walked through a tunnel where I got to yell and hear my voice echo- I love that!!!!

I relaxed with Beary and Grandpa.

And played on the floor with GG.

I also got to hang out with my cousins (well they are the children of my dad's cousin). I really liked little Owen.

And I played trains with Dylan and had an Easter egg hunt.

Later on, we chased each other around, screaming and laughing. It was a good time.

I was sad to say good-bye to my California family, but I know that I will see them again soon. I had such a fun time and even slept well every night. We drove home in one day and I didn't even fuss for more than five minutes total. It was a wonderful vacation.


The Battle

I have challenged my parents to a nap battle. I recently decided that naps are so 2009, I don't need them (but I really do!). For the past week and a half it has been a battle of wills. Sometimes, I win. Other times, my parents prevail. The score is currently 4 to 6 (in favor of the parents), but I am trying to make it 5 today.....

In other news, my Auntie Crystal came for a visit this weekend! She is so fun! I did a lot of showing off for her, check out how I moved my leg so fast it's just a blur.
I wore my new Elmo sweatshirt and showed Auntie that I am such a big boy, I can say bye-bye to my favorite lovies without crying.

She also laid down on the floor with me, Dad and Beary, so cool.

Of course, I had to show Auntie Crystal all of my awesome dance moves (and jumps).

Dad practiced his moves with a blanket-scarf. Man, is he awesome or what!?

Later on, we colored together (yeah, my hair is a little wild).

And played outside where Auntie helped me pick a flower.

Before she left, we went to Costco with Grandma-and guess what?!? We met ANOTHER boy with blue implants!!!!!! He is about five years older than me but it was so neat to meet him!! Mom really enjoyed talking to his mom and getting to see how well a seven year old is doing with implants (he listens and speaks soooooo well). I sure am glad that we decided to go to Costco on a Sunday........ 

Now I miss my Auntie, and I can't wait to see her again soon. I guess that next year, she will be going to the same school that Dad goes- I will get to see her all of the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Auntie Crystal!


Good Things

On Friday, we drove to OHSU for my three month MAP and evaluation with Don. Dad was able to come along to this one and it was a success!!!!! I sat in his office, hooked up to the computer, playing with toys and eating a delicious chocolate chip cookie (thanks, Mom:) just like I used to with my first implant. A far cry from a few months back when I would not even go inside Don's office without crying..... I got my ear adjusted a bit and was told that I am doing just great, I feel very proud of myself (and so do my parents!).

My Mom came down with my cold on Friday, lucky her. She slept a lot on Friday night and was able to be outside with Dad and I on Saturday- it was beautiful out!!! We walked downtown and went to the playground by the river. I watched (and heard) a train go by.

Played on all of the fun toys.

And yelled into a big plastic thingy...

Later on, I enjoyed a snack on the deck at home.

On Sunday, we went to brunch with Grandpa and Grammy Steph to celebrate my dad's (belated) birthday. It was very yummy and I had a very nice time.

The past few days I have been wearing my ears in the bath tub. I have not been splashing as much and don't put my head under water so this keeps my CI's dry. It is super fun to hear all of the sounds. Plus, Dad can talk to me while I am in there.

I have been extra vocal since my ear was adjusted on Friday. Today I howled and woofed like a doggy with my friend at Kid's Club...... On a not so great note, I am not into napping right now. This is the third day in a row of no nap, I don't think my mom is impressed. Oh well...............



I have had a yucky cold since Monday and it is really cramping my style.

Not only have I been sneezing and battling a never ending runny nose, but we haven't been able to do much outside the house. So I have been playing inside and coloring.

And watching Sesame Street and snuggling with Ripley.

This morning, Grandpa cam over for a visit and I immediately invited him to sit on the couch with me.

As you can see, Ripley was happy to see him as well.