The Battle

I have challenged my parents to a nap battle. I recently decided that naps are so 2009, I don't need them (but I really do!). For the past week and a half it has been a battle of wills. Sometimes, I win. Other times, my parents prevail. The score is currently 4 to 6 (in favor of the parents), but I am trying to make it 5 today.....

In other news, my Auntie Crystal came for a visit this weekend! She is so fun! I did a lot of showing off for her, check out how I moved my leg so fast it's just a blur.
I wore my new Elmo sweatshirt and showed Auntie that I am such a big boy, I can say bye-bye to my favorite lovies without crying.

She also laid down on the floor with me, Dad and Beary, so cool.

Of course, I had to show Auntie Crystal all of my awesome dance moves (and jumps).

Dad practiced his moves with a blanket-scarf. Man, is he awesome or what!?

Later on, we colored together (yeah, my hair is a little wild).

And played outside where Auntie helped me pick a flower.

Before she left, we went to Costco with Grandma-and guess what?!? We met ANOTHER boy with blue implants!!!!!! He is about five years older than me but it was so neat to meet him!! Mom really enjoyed talking to his mom and getting to see how well a seven year old is doing with implants (he listens and speaks soooooo well). I sure am glad that we decided to go to Costco on a Sunday........ 

Now I miss my Auntie, and I can't wait to see her again soon. I guess that next year, she will be going to the same school that Dad goes- I will get to see her all of the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Auntie Crystal!

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