One Happy Week!

My Auntie Crystal visited for a whole week and it was soooo much FUN! She is awesome! She played with me, like nonstop, shared her snacks with me and snuggled with me while we watched my favorite music on You Tube.

I had to share Auntie Crystal with Eliana, but that's O.K. because she is my best friend.

My parents were terrible about taking photos during this visit (thanks, guys) so I really don't have many to share but I still had a wonderful time. I cannot wait to see her again, I love you Auntie Crystal!!!


So Much Fun, So Little Time....

So my mom and I are total slackers. We have been too busy and having too much fun to post many blog entries. I thought that summer was a time to relax and enjoy the long sunny days........... We have spent some days at the coast, I really love the ocean now (check out Dad wearing Mom's sunglasses!).

And checking out neat plants that live in the sand.

I especially love snacking on the delicious strawberries that grow outside the beach house.

My friend Avery came to visit at the beach house- she has grown so much and is super fun to hang out with and chat with!!

Look how cool she is wearing my backpack!

I got to check out the Enchanted Forest with Mom and Grandma, so cool!!!!!

I especially loved the ice cream (which I have enjoyed more than once this summer:).

I went to the Art Fair and walked in a parade with Grandma, Grandpa Jim, Mom and Dad.

I like to dance to my favorite songs each morning. Right now I love Feist and her song "1234", especially the version that she does for Sesame Street.

I also love a song by Broken Social Scene called "Texico Bitches". Yes, I know the title is way too adult for me (I blame my parents) but I love to sing along with the chorus when the lead singer goes "ooowwww" and dance with Barkey.

I love swimming!

And ice cream (here is my "don't mess with me" look).

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am!!!!