Peak-a-boo!!!! or a Door To Door Salesman

This is just a silly little game I was playing the other day with the door. My dad took about six hundred thousand pictures. After 18 hours of deleting unworthy images we realized we had no idea how to incorporate them into the blog.

So we decided to try to make a story out of the images by piecing them together. You can decide if it was successful or not. I give it a 2 out of 5, but an "A" for effort. Way to go us!

Random Images + Bizarre story = mildly entertaining

Yes can I help you?

Actually, No, I do not want my ceiling vacuumed!

Listen BUD, I said NO! I do not want a demonstration on the Whirlwind 6000. And no I will not change my mind even for that fluffy kitty you hold in your hand!

Now I suggest you take your kitty and your vacuum and get in your little van and make like a cell and split!


Wait! What are you doing? Why are you putting the cat in my mailbox?

Don't make me come out there!

You are entering a world of pain.... a world... of pain!

Not my best work, but the pictures were alright? right?

The Beach Trip

This is one of those posts that I have been saving and trying to get around to for a long while now. I am, fortunately, almost caught up with these.

This post doesn't have a funny story, or anything. The reason I post it is that the pictures taken are all fairly epic and I encourage any readers to at least click on a few (if not all) to view in their full resolution.

This is our walk on the beach during the Avery and Her Parents visit to the Beach House.

Here we are just getting down to the water. The coloring of the sky and the reflection of that color on the beach.

I was strapped to my dads back in a backpack for this adventure. We took a lot of pictures of ourselves while we walked... not many turned out.... and even in this one my dad is making a silly face.

I like this shot because the clouds seem to mirror the extension of the beach all the way down to the mouth of the river.

My dad loved Stephen King's short story "The Mist", he even liked the movie (which I was not allowed to watch, and which Mom said had a terrible ending, according to my dad it did not). The point I am trying to make is that this picture, as they walk into the clouds, reminds my dad of something out of the mist.

This shot is epic for so many reasons. You really get a sense of how vast and amazing the beach looked that day. The proportions of the people to the clouds and beach in the distance is incredible.

My mom is cute. This is my favorite scarf that she wears.

Shot of the clouds, I thought there was a better one, and maybe there is, but I don't have it with me.

This is also a favorite of mine from that day. The reflection and mirroring of the clouds above on the beach is just amazing. There are probably fifty shots like this. I think I got the best one put up here. I will double check to make sure when I get home.

Another shot of the beach...

I passed out on the walk back to the car with my mouth on the pack. It looks really comfortable.


Father's Day!

Since my dad usually helps me write these blogs I convinced my mom to help me out this time so that I could wish my dad a happy Father's Day. He is really the best dad in the whole world and spends so much time being silly and making me laugh, Mom is a real snore compared to him (sorry Mom!). His summer term begins tomorrow and I am really going to miss him being around during the day but I know that he will miss me too and will still give me my bath every night, so I am OK with the school thing (I guess). Plus, I hear that he will be a tennis and golf master and that sounds pretty cool.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy Father's Day Dad!!! I just think that you are just the cat's pajamas (well not Bailey's pj's but maybe Ripley's, or Elliot's from next door). I love you.


Walking (no really)

So for some reason yesterday I started walking. It was really, really weird.

Previously the most steps I had taken was two in a row, and that was maybe a total of 3 times.
So the other day, after eating a ton of cherries and hanging out in the warm sun with my dad, I decided to get down off his lap and take a few steps.

I got to two steps and stopped. I could feel my dads eyes wide with anticipation. His mind racing, should he call Mom? Will she get here in time? I was already at my max so I know hes thinking if he calls out she will never make it in time to see, and what if the yell startled me...

Then I realize... I don't have to stop. I can keep going...

So I take two more steps.

Now I know my dad is having a heart attack behind me. He can hardly believe it. He has stopped breathing. Hell, I stopped breathing!

Then I hear him call out...


and I can hear her running. Now its a waiting game. Will I take more steps? Will she make it in time to see me at least standing? Or will I fall before she gets here...

In the moment I honestly couldn't tell you if I knew what was going to happen next. It was like a switch had been thrown on in my head. All of a sudden I realized I didn't have to lower myself to a crawling position.

My mom rounds the corner and sees me standing... and then I take off walking in a flurry of steps. One after the other. I march right over to my table pool toy and toss a cracker into the blue waters.


and then I turn around and walk back toward my dad. My parents are as white as ghosts. I mean previous to this moment I had a total of two steps taken and about thirty seconds of in air time. Now here I suddenly am with twenty plus steps and I am knocking on a minute plus.

But I wasn't done.

I walked right past my dad and toward the back gate. I was full of life. I was unstoppable. I could conquer the world!!!!

and then I fell down.. right on my bum!
I was so scared...and it startled me so badly that now I can't seem to let go of my parents arms or legs even for more then a few steps.

but don't worry, Ill get the courage back. And when I do I'll be coming to your house and borrowing stuff.

A Star is Born

Our next door neighbor is a teacher but she wants to break into the business of photography. So she asked if she could take some pictures of me to put up on her website.

I, of course, said yes. I think they turned out pretty good, and I figure what the hay, I'll give her a plug for her new business.

Studio Sub Dio
Sara Patrick

She puts out some nice photographs for an extremely reasonable price.

I only include this one because in this photo it is the first time I am standing up from a sitting position on my own.

This is my blue steel


My Aunt Gina and Uncle Seth gave me this sweet penguin for my birthday that I love.... almost... almost... as much as I love "My First Bear".

I wish I had a video of how I like to gently pat his head and then squeeze him tight with a hug as I gently pat his back.

I also give him small kisses and pretty much take him everywhere.

One day my Mom and I (and Penguin) were walking to the store when suddenly my mom noticed that I was looking from side to side frantically.

I had lost Penngy! My mom had the audacity to suggest we continue on to the store seeing as how we were only a block or two away. But the thought of not having Penngy with me and possibly never again, was too much! I began to get tense and my breathing became rapid...

My mom noticed how panicked I was so we turned around and retraced our steps. We walked halfway back to our house when we saw his little black body resting on the sidewalk.

I cried out with joy! and then I held on tight to Penngy for the rest of the trip.

One other time I almost lost Penngy during the Thunderstorm, but that is a story for another post.


Return Of The Ex

It was a nice, clear, warm day at the beach. The air had that certain coastal richness to it. I was all set to have a super amazing vacation with the parents.

There we were enjoying the crashing of the waves. I was hearing them for the very first time. Hell, I was hearing the whole thing for the very first time. Dogs, People, the dirty seagulls with their constant yammering... All of it was stunning and wonderful. I marveled at the luck of getting such a nice day on the Oregon Coast this time of year.

I was just beginning to think the weekend with the parentals wasn't going to be a complete waste and I might actually enjoy hanging with them....

and then they dropped the bombshell on me. They had invited other people up to the beach house.

and not just any people, the parents of my ex girlfriend whom I had to dump on my birthday. How could they do this to me? What kind of stuff were they trying to pull with this? I mean are they trying to ruin my life?

I panicked, I begged them to cancel, I swore that this would ruin me for the rest of my life and that not only would they be paying for college but also the therapy sessions to erase this horrible emotional scar.

but my mom sat me down and told me that things would work out, and that I can't just run from obstacles or uncomfortable situations. Which made me feel better.

and you know what? When she finally arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that she wore her Elton John outfit. Perhaps she was way cooler then I ever knew!
buh-buh-buh-benny and the jets!

So I made nice, showed her how compassionate and loving I am.

Even shared my toys with her!

then we watched the sun set.

Eating Cherries, and The Gilbert House

So life is finally slowing down for me here. Things have been really busy with my moms birthday, and my dads schooling, so it has been hard to find a time to write. Especially since I have really started to like sleeping. I hit the sack around 6:30 every night, and get up about 6:30 every morning. Which makes my dad crazy since he stays up every night drawing till about midnight. Mom tries to get up with me but Dad insists on getting up. Who knows about that guy.

So here are some pictures from the last week:

The Gilbert House is a kids museum where you can learn about bubbles, the body, electricity, different cultures, etc, etc, etc. It is spread out between two houses and between them in the back is a huge playground (which I didn't get any pictures of this time) that has bridges, caves, things to yell in, wood type instruments to play, swings, and a huge maze-like fort thing that you can climb and take slides down. Mom wont let me go down the big slide and I think my dad is worried he would get stuck in there...

So if any of you out there want to take me down the slide please send me an email!

Anyway, these pictures of the Gilbert House don't really show off the fun that is there, but you can see exactly how excited I am. Notice I have the same amazed expression on my face in every single shot? And believe me when I say we have about thirty more with the same expression. I was on fire that day!

Moments before I lose my Mind with Excitement.

Out of Control Face 1

Out of Control Face 2

Out of Control Face 3

Taking a slight break from freaking out

The other thing that went on this week was that we picked Cherries from our cherry tree, and guess who loves cherries? ME!