Eating Cherries, and The Gilbert House

So life is finally slowing down for me here. Things have been really busy with my moms birthday, and my dads schooling, so it has been hard to find a time to write. Especially since I have really started to like sleeping. I hit the sack around 6:30 every night, and get up about 6:30 every morning. Which makes my dad crazy since he stays up every night drawing till about midnight. Mom tries to get up with me but Dad insists on getting up. Who knows about that guy.

So here are some pictures from the last week:

The Gilbert House is a kids museum where you can learn about bubbles, the body, electricity, different cultures, etc, etc, etc. It is spread out between two houses and between them in the back is a huge playground (which I didn't get any pictures of this time) that has bridges, caves, things to yell in, wood type instruments to play, swings, and a huge maze-like fort thing that you can climb and take slides down. Mom wont let me go down the big slide and I think my dad is worried he would get stuck in there...

So if any of you out there want to take me down the slide please send me an email!

Anyway, these pictures of the Gilbert House don't really show off the fun that is there, but you can see exactly how excited I am. Notice I have the same amazed expression on my face in every single shot? And believe me when I say we have about thirty more with the same expression. I was on fire that day!

Moments before I lose my Mind with Excitement.

Out of Control Face 1

Out of Control Face 2

Out of Control Face 3

Taking a slight break from freaking out

The other thing that went on this week was that we picked Cherries from our cherry tree, and guess who loves cherries? ME!

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