Father's Day!

Since my dad usually helps me write these blogs I convinced my mom to help me out this time so that I could wish my dad a happy Father's Day. He is really the best dad in the whole world and spends so much time being silly and making me laugh, Mom is a real snore compared to him (sorry Mom!). His summer term begins tomorrow and I am really going to miss him being around during the day but I know that he will miss me too and will still give me my bath every night, so I am OK with the school thing (I guess). Plus, I hear that he will be a tennis and golf master and that sounds pretty cool.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy Father's Day Dad!!! I just think that you are just the cat's pajamas (well not Bailey's pj's but maybe Ripley's, or Elliot's from next door). I love you.

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