Return Of The Ex

It was a nice, clear, warm day at the beach. The air had that certain coastal richness to it. I was all set to have a super amazing vacation with the parents.

There we were enjoying the crashing of the waves. I was hearing them for the very first time. Hell, I was hearing the whole thing for the very first time. Dogs, People, the dirty seagulls with their constant yammering... All of it was stunning and wonderful. I marveled at the luck of getting such a nice day on the Oregon Coast this time of year.

I was just beginning to think the weekend with the parentals wasn't going to be a complete waste and I might actually enjoy hanging with them....

and then they dropped the bombshell on me. They had invited other people up to the beach house.

and not just any people, the parents of my ex girlfriend whom I had to dump on my birthday. How could they do this to me? What kind of stuff were they trying to pull with this? I mean are they trying to ruin my life?

I panicked, I begged them to cancel, I swore that this would ruin me for the rest of my life and that not only would they be paying for college but also the therapy sessions to erase this horrible emotional scar.

but my mom sat me down and told me that things would work out, and that I can't just run from obstacles or uncomfortable situations. Which made me feel better.

and you know what? When she finally arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that she wore her Elton John outfit. Perhaps she was way cooler then I ever knew!
buh-buh-buh-benny and the jets!

So I made nice, showed her how compassionate and loving I am.

Even shared my toys with her!

then we watched the sun set.

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