Walking (no really)

So for some reason yesterday I started walking. It was really, really weird.

Previously the most steps I had taken was two in a row, and that was maybe a total of 3 times.
So the other day, after eating a ton of cherries and hanging out in the warm sun with my dad, I decided to get down off his lap and take a few steps.

I got to two steps and stopped. I could feel my dads eyes wide with anticipation. His mind racing, should he call Mom? Will she get here in time? I was already at my max so I know hes thinking if he calls out she will never make it in time to see, and what if the yell startled me...

Then I realize... I don't have to stop. I can keep going...

So I take two more steps.

Now I know my dad is having a heart attack behind me. He can hardly believe it. He has stopped breathing. Hell, I stopped breathing!

Then I hear him call out...


and I can hear her running. Now its a waiting game. Will I take more steps? Will she make it in time to see me at least standing? Or will I fall before she gets here...

In the moment I honestly couldn't tell you if I knew what was going to happen next. It was like a switch had been thrown on in my head. All of a sudden I realized I didn't have to lower myself to a crawling position.

My mom rounds the corner and sees me standing... and then I take off walking in a flurry of steps. One after the other. I march right over to my table pool toy and toss a cracker into the blue waters.


and then I turn around and walk back toward my dad. My parents are as white as ghosts. I mean previous to this moment I had a total of two steps taken and about thirty seconds of in air time. Now here I suddenly am with twenty plus steps and I am knocking on a minute plus.

But I wasn't done.

I walked right past my dad and toward the back gate. I was full of life. I was unstoppable. I could conquer the world!!!!

and then I fell down.. right on my bum!
I was so scared...and it startled me so badly that now I can't seem to let go of my parents arms or legs even for more then a few steps.

but don't worry, Ill get the courage back. And when I do I'll be coming to your house and borrowing stuff.

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