The Almost Missing Post or Jack Comes to Visit

Because I have had a bit of a hectic schedule as of late I keep a folder on my desktop full of pictures that I want to eventually put up on the blog. Which is why my posts seem to come in a flurry of like five in two days and then nothing for a week or two.

So before each of these flurries I go in and do some organizing. I move pictures from the camera into a dated folder. Extract any that were meant for a blog post, and then move them to my blog folder. Once the new pictures have been added I go in and remove the pictures that I posted in the previous flurry session.

I was about to delete a large chunk of them when I suddenly thought "wait, did I ever post these?". After a quick check I realized I had not. Now sometimes pictures get stuck in the folder for a few cycles and eventually I say "I am never going to write this post, the punchline is stupid!" or "Why did I think this would be amusing?". This, of course, was not the case with these pictures as I am sure you will agree.

So here it is, The Almost Missing Post or Jack Comes To Visit:

My Friend Jack came to visit. So I showed him around my house.

On the way through the kitchen we noticed a nice bowl of cat food.

Which we did not eat! I repeat we DID NOT EAT IT!!!!


We know we are strictly forbidden from eating cat food, and as parents swarmed us Jack got paranoid. I assured him the parents would see the cat food and think it was merely raisins. But Jack was getting the jitters and perspiring like an alpaca in the Sahara. He was losing his cool.... and I told him he needed to chill out.

but suddenly I found myself looking over my shoulder... Was he right? Did they know... why were they staring at us? Should we ditch the evidence?

We decided the best possible solution was to get rid of it before we could be questioned. We threw some on the ground and smashed them into the carpet. But the crumbs weren't crushing up fine enough!

So we just had to stuff as many as we could into my mouth while jack shot water down my throat!

Guess who didn't get caught?!?

muhaaahhhh ha ha haaaa ha haaaaa


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