OK, so I am not really walking, but I sure am trying really hard. Today while I was at OHSU getting my new implant mappings I also visited the cute speech therapist lady. Her name is Jessica. I was so inspired and wanted to show off for her so badly that I let go of the chair and made sure she was watching me, and then I took two steps over to a table!!!

My parents said Jessica didn't realize how incredible it was, but I saw the glimmer in her eyes. She thinks I rule. I also showed her my belly button when my parents weren't looking... pretty sure she winked at me.

I also have started to do this thing where I will lean up against a wall really cool like, and push my walker away from me so as to appear as though I hadn't used it to get to where I am leaning.

You'll see what I am talking about in some of these walking pictures:

This is me during a very hot day, you can see that I cart around my milk wherever I go.

Here I am making the rounds, checking that the gates are all up and secure. They were...

Here I am doing that thing I mentioned before where I slowly move the walker away from me to impress any on lookers with my mad skillz


What walker? OH that! That was here when I got here...me? No, no, I don't use a walker.

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