My Aunt Gina and Uncle Seth gave me this sweet penguin for my birthday that I love.... almost... almost... as much as I love "My First Bear".

I wish I had a video of how I like to gently pat his head and then squeeze him tight with a hug as I gently pat his back.

I also give him small kisses and pretty much take him everywhere.

One day my Mom and I (and Penguin) were walking to the store when suddenly my mom noticed that I was looking from side to side frantically.

I had lost Penngy! My mom had the audacity to suggest we continue on to the store seeing as how we were only a block or two away. But the thought of not having Penngy with me and possibly never again, was too much! I began to get tense and my breathing became rapid...

My mom noticed how panicked I was so we turned around and retraced our steps. We walked halfway back to our house when we saw his little black body resting on the sidewalk.

I cried out with joy! and then I held on tight to Penngy for the rest of the trip.

One other time I almost lost Penngy during the Thunderstorm, but that is a story for another post.

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