Peak-a-boo!!!! or a Door To Door Salesman

This is just a silly little game I was playing the other day with the door. My dad took about six hundred thousand pictures. After 18 hours of deleting unworthy images we realized we had no idea how to incorporate them into the blog.

So we decided to try to make a story out of the images by piecing them together. You can decide if it was successful or not. I give it a 2 out of 5, but an "A" for effort. Way to go us!

Random Images + Bizarre story = mildly entertaining

Yes can I help you?

Actually, No, I do not want my ceiling vacuumed!

Listen BUD, I said NO! I do not want a demonstration on the Whirlwind 6000. And no I will not change my mind even for that fluffy kitty you hold in your hand!

Now I suggest you take your kitty and your vacuum and get in your little van and make like a cell and split!


Wait! What are you doing? Why are you putting the cat in my mailbox?

Don't make me come out there!

You are entering a world of pain.... a world... of pain!

Not my best work, but the pictures were alright? right?

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