Beach Love

During our stay at the beach we also got to see Eliana! Mom took us down to the beach while the sun was out and we got to run in the beautiful (but cold) sun and sand.

I love that girl.


Spring Break

Mom and I drove over to the coast yesterday to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa Jim. It is our spring break from school, but I actually had both Wednesday and Thursday off from school last week due to the spring snow! Anyway, Daddy was not able to come because he is working at a new job, I miss him (and I don't love change) but Mom says that we should be very proud of how hard he is working.... Yesterday was beautiful!

Sometimes being almost 4 is tough.


This morning we headed to Yachats where we went to my favorite bakery in the whole world. I get a maple bar croissant that is as big as my head!

I mostly just eat off all of the maple icing, but hey, it is vacation:) There is always an awesome guitar player there on Sundays who looks like Santa Claus and Mom and Grandma rave about the soy lattes (and tempeh, ALT's:). It is rainy here today so we are napping and being lazy. Happy Sunday!


Another Oregon Spring

While the calendar says that it is spring, the snow on the ground here in Oregon screams "winter!!!!!!".

Here is Ripley having a stare down with the snow last night (has anyone else noticed that his photos have made it into the last 4 or 5 blog posts?!?)
Venturing outside.....

Check out those HUGE paw prints!!!
Ripley in another stare down this morning.....

We did get to walk to the park and enjoy some sunshine, but I am ready for the spring and some WARM sun!!!!!!


Movie Time!

Guess what?! Yesterday I went to my very first movie at a movie THEATER!!!!!! It was so fun!!!! Just a few months ago I said that I did not want to go to a theater and that I thought that I would feel scared but yesterday I was ready! Dad took a few photos but they are on his phone and he is at work so you get this unrelated (but cute) photo instead.

Watching one of my many dvd's in "Auntie Crystals Room" with my "brother" Ripley cat.

Anyway, we arrived early to get our tickets, popcorn and good seats. I immediately loved the theater and the HUGE screen. I sat patiently the whole time and loved everything from the greasy popcorn, to the awesome previews to the main attraction "The Lorax". I was very quiet during the movie except when I randomly exclaimed "I'm telling Grandma that I went to the movies!". After it was over Mom let me call Grandma to tell her the news "Grandma, I went to the movies, just like Little Critter!" (Grandma and I do a lot of reading and Little Critter stories are some of my favorites). I see a lot of movies in my future:)