Implant Update and Tulip Festival!

This is another one of those posts where I have been meaning to write for some time but have yet to catch up and post them all. So it is a slow process.

But before I do that, I will give a current update about myself and my implant. It has been about three weeks since I have had it turned on, and I am making some pretty good progress. I am not very consistent but I do turn to some sounds especially if they scare me. It usually has to be pretty quiet for me to really hear it (as in not a lot of background noise). The best response I have had is when I hear a new sound a few times during the course of say an hour or two, and then if that sound reoccurs (and I am not running around the house) I usually can hear it.

Like when my dad chases me around with this toy that Maya's mom gave me for my birthday. It's a little toy you push that holds balls and they roll around and make clacking sounds as they tumble around and around. Sometimes I turn to that, sometimes I don't.

I also was playing with a ball and a tin can and it made a strange sound, and for a few hours anytime I heard that sound I would turn... Of course, I got really sick of my parents doing it every five minutes so I just started to ignore them.

I have also started making car sounds when I push my cars around... mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm... I do this without being prompted because I rock! I also really like it when someone makes a sound by putting their lips together and blowing out and it kind of makes like a bbbvbvbvbvbvbvb sound. (lol, I am about as good at hearing sounds as I am describing them)

Today I started doing the Ahhh sound for my mom and Grandma in the car. However, when we tried to show Dad I was like... "Listen lady I am not a toy for your amusement! I will do it if I want to do it!". I had a similar situation where I was smacking my lips like I was pretending to eat after my dad was showing me how to do it. Then he tried to get Mom to come out, and I was like "show's over folks!"

All in all pretty good progress so far.

The other thing I must brag about is that I have a few signs that I do now, although we are trying to concentrate on oral sounds instead of signing so I am not really working on signs anymore, but I do the dad sign for... well dad, and sometimes... anything or anyone that I don't know the sign for..

I do the bird sign when I see a bird, and when I want to brush my teeth (constantly) I sometimes do the brush sign. I used to do the milk sign, but I stopped breast feeding so now I don't really do that sign.

Anyway, enough about me and my amazing achievements. Here are some sweet pics.. Oh... but my parents are going to try to compile a video of all my achievements. We follow this blog of a girl with Cochlear Implants (her parents are Republicans so its a real turn off, otherwise she would be hot) and they give a month update and a video so I am going to try to do that as well.

Of course my dad is frickin' busy with school and has finals so it may be a few weeks late.

Anyway, here is the tulip festival. It was awesome, and it was colorful!
Once again, these images are all very large files so if you click on them there is a lot of detail to look at.

Here we are arriving at the fields!

A look at the fields and all their wonderful colors!

Check out this cool windmill and rows of soon to be flowers mirrored by the lines of clouds.

Here I am with my mommy and some rows of yellow flowers!

My dad convinced my mom to jump behind the flower cut outs for my blog... lol, totally worth it.
He also convinced her she needed to step in the giant clog.

There was also this giant clog ride that you could get on, but I was too small to ride it. Or at least that's what my parents said. I think they just didn't want to ride around in the clogs.

Then we got an elephant ear. I ate the whole thing and almost passed out!

When we got back to the car we saw two bugs doing it.... lol


Water World

For my birthday my Grandma gave me this awesome toy that I have been meaning to write about. It is basically a giant table that you can fill up with water. It also has a little glacier-like slide thing where you can fill the bucket up that came with it and it slowly pours out and down the slide.

Here I am checking it out! I really liked it back when I got it, but now that the weather is getting really hot I really, really like my little oasis.

My kitty Ripley likes to drink out of it

The toy also came with these cool little animals. A penguin, polar bear, and a walrus. However, the front of the box had this ridiculous picture of the animals... it made me laugh. What the hell is going on in this picture?


The Week In Pics

OK, so today I have a new segment that I want to run. Obviously titled "The Week In Pics"

This will please all of you who keep emailing me demanding more pics and less talk....

Here I am as Robot boy a few days before I went in to get my implant turned on.

Here are some shots from Tuesday just before I had it turned on. In the second shot I am about to show the flower just what it means to meet me in an alleyway.

After getting my implant turned on, I turned into some crazy machine. I started running around with my (well Jack's) walker and turning it around in circles. I also started climbing and just going generally kind of crazy. Thus my new nickname Robo Boy was born.

Here we are at lunch with my parentals, Jack, and his mom Allisa. This was just before I had my implant turned up for the second time. Notice my killer pose in this photo.

My Aunt came to visit me. I pointed at stuff so she could tell me what it was.

Here I am with my mommy on Mother's Day. She is cute!

My dad and I decided to eat outside on the swing. Look how relaxed we look. We don't even care that she is standing there snapping pics lol...

I included these ones to show how relaxed I look.... I am totally chillin. Look at my arm in the second one...

Can I Hear You Now?

It has been a week of wearing my implant. I had previously thought I would freak out when it was first turned on. This wasn't the case. Apparently, I didn't realize they would slowly turn the volume up... OK anyway, let me just tell you the story.

So on Tuesday we went up to OHSU. We carried the Implant box with us... This thing is huge, wait I think I have a picture of it hold on...

Guess it's kind of hard to see how big it is, but compared to the implant its like fifty times the size.
OK, so Grandma and Grandpa came up and also my favorite audiologist Kristen (hopefully I spelled that correctly, if not I blame my dad for typing this up wrong). I was nervous I was going to get scared, but they started it off at a really low volume level. I didn't really hear anyone, although Don (the doc I see at OHSU) did tap on the table once and I think I heard something.

Who knows... I don't even know what hearing means.

Anyway, then we went home and I wore it the rest of the day, and the next day without hardly a fuss. My parents were so scared that I would treat the implant like I did my hearing aids they were always like one step behind me and anytime I raised or moved my arms they would lurch towards me. After awhile I would just randomly swing my arms around my head at odd times just to see them react. I wanted to set the video camera up and capture them in all their spazzy glory but it was out of batteries.

So then on Thursday we went back up to OHSU to get the volume turned up again.

We went up early to see my friend Jack and he dropped some metal toy behind me and I snapped around because... well because I guess the noise startled me... LOL ME!!! NOISE, STARTLE!


(it is always a bad sign when you have to give the audience an explanation or clarification on the punch lines... sad...)

So since Thursday I have definitely been hearing sounds, and even turning to some noises. I like planes, rattles, my mommy singing to me, and the cats... who knew they made cute little noises... mEEEeeeOoOoOooOwWwWw.

haha too funny.

I have been really tired at night now, I think its because my brain is being so saturated with new information that I am just exhausted.


Activation in 5....4....3....2....

Tomorrow I get activated. I was scared before, but now I'm like pfft don't care, I am ready to do this! Zero fear!!! (nervous laugh).. haha

Who knows maybe I will freak out. Of the three things I could do when they activate it (freak out, do nothing, or laugh) I think I am more apt to freak out. If I freak out my parents have given me their word they will capture it with a video camera. No doubt for black mail later.

Things have been pretty crazy around here hopefully I will be able to settle into a better updating schedule here shortly. I have a few posts in the sling just waiting to be written, and I am sure if there is anything to report what-so-ever tomorrow the video will be uploaded straight away.

Check me out at the beach last weekend. I lounged in my jammies almost all day!

You can see that the swelling has gone down a bunch, but there is still some. The stitches have begun to dissolve and they itch like crazy. Other then that I am pretty much back to normal.