Can I Hear You Now?

It has been a week of wearing my implant. I had previously thought I would freak out when it was first turned on. This wasn't the case. Apparently, I didn't realize they would slowly turn the volume up... OK anyway, let me just tell you the story.

So on Tuesday we went up to OHSU. We carried the Implant box with us... This thing is huge, wait I think I have a picture of it hold on...

Guess it's kind of hard to see how big it is, but compared to the implant its like fifty times the size.
OK, so Grandma and Grandpa came up and also my favorite audiologist Kristen (hopefully I spelled that correctly, if not I blame my dad for typing this up wrong). I was nervous I was going to get scared, but they started it off at a really low volume level. I didn't really hear anyone, although Don (the doc I see at OHSU) did tap on the table once and I think I heard something.

Who knows... I don't even know what hearing means.

Anyway, then we went home and I wore it the rest of the day, and the next day without hardly a fuss. My parents were so scared that I would treat the implant like I did my hearing aids they were always like one step behind me and anytime I raised or moved my arms they would lurch towards me. After awhile I would just randomly swing my arms around my head at odd times just to see them react. I wanted to set the video camera up and capture them in all their spazzy glory but it was out of batteries.

So then on Thursday we went back up to OHSU to get the volume turned up again.

We went up early to see my friend Jack and he dropped some metal toy behind me and I snapped around because... well because I guess the noise startled me... LOL ME!!! NOISE, STARTLE!


(it is always a bad sign when you have to give the audience an explanation or clarification on the punch lines... sad...)

So since Thursday I have definitely been hearing sounds, and even turning to some noises. I like planes, rattles, my mommy singing to me, and the cats... who knew they made cute little noises... mEEEeeeOoOoOooOwWwWw.

haha too funny.

I have been really tired at night now, I think its because my brain is being so saturated with new information that I am just exhausted.

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  1. Isaac! I am soooo happy for you!!! Maybe someday you might say 'I was one, how am I supposed to remember?' but we think it's just stunning. A rattle, a plain, a startle. Exhaustion. Wait till me and Pops sing u a song! Maybe that's not such a good idea... :):):)