The Week In Pics

OK, so today I have a new segment that I want to run. Obviously titled "The Week In Pics"

This will please all of you who keep emailing me demanding more pics and less talk....

Here I am as Robot boy a few days before I went in to get my implant turned on.

Here are some shots from Tuesday just before I had it turned on. In the second shot I am about to show the flower just what it means to meet me in an alleyway.

After getting my implant turned on, I turned into some crazy machine. I started running around with my (well Jack's) walker and turning it around in circles. I also started climbing and just going generally kind of crazy. Thus my new nickname Robo Boy was born.

Here we are at lunch with my parentals, Jack, and his mom Allisa. This was just before I had my implant turned up for the second time. Notice my killer pose in this photo.

My Aunt came to visit me. I pointed at stuff so she could tell me what it was.

Here I am with my mommy on Mother's Day. She is cute!

My dad and I decided to eat outside on the swing. Look how relaxed we look. We don't even care that she is standing there snapping pics lol...

I included these ones to show how relaxed I look.... I am totally chillin. Look at my arm in the second one...

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