Activation in 5....4....3....2....

Tomorrow I get activated. I was scared before, but now I'm like pfft don't care, I am ready to do this! Zero fear!!! (nervous laugh).. haha

Who knows maybe I will freak out. Of the three things I could do when they activate it (freak out, do nothing, or laugh) I think I am more apt to freak out. If I freak out my parents have given me their word they will capture it with a video camera. No doubt for black mail later.

Things have been pretty crazy around here hopefully I will be able to settle into a better updating schedule here shortly. I have a few posts in the sling just waiting to be written, and I am sure if there is anything to report what-so-ever tomorrow the video will be uploaded straight away.

Check me out at the beach last weekend. I lounged in my jammies almost all day!

You can see that the swelling has gone down a bunch, but there is still some. The stitches have begun to dissolve and they itch like crazy. Other then that I am pretty much back to normal.

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