Sunday Stroll

This winter has seemed extra rainy in Oregon, though we do get a nice day every now and then. This afternoon, Mom and I went on a walk to Grandma's house. I brought along little and big Elmo.

After visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Jim, we walked to the park and met up with Dad. I went down the big slide with Mom and Elmo a few times.

The next time, I climbed up, up up.

And ran across the bridge.

Dad helped me to the top of the slide.

And I sat down to wait for Dad.

But before he could sit down, I changed my mind and decided to go it alone- whhhheeeee!! Mom met me at the bottom.

I tackled that slide just like a Big Boy!!!!!


Perpetua and Gilbert

I am at the beach house again with Mom and Grandma. Today we went to a beautiful place called Cape Perpetua where we followed a little path that took us to the Spouting Horn. It was high tide and so cool!

I sat on the hillside with Mom.

And found some neat sticks to check out.

Here I am with Grandma, she is the best.

After this we went to breakfast in Yachats, where we ate at my favorite pancake place with the awesome view. Today, Grandma and I were relaxing and gazing out the window when we saw something very exciting.

Gilbert the seagull! Isn't he cute!?!

I miss my dad, as usual, but Grandma is a great substitution. I am even starting to say her name, it sounds kind of like "aaama".


It's All About Gina

Happy Birthday Auntie Gina! I hope that you have a very happy day! I was fast asleep when this photo was taken, but here you are being cute and demure next to your bearded partner in crime.

Mom and Dad are looking forward to celebrating the dirtiest of all birthday's with you - next year!


The Future's So Bright

I gotta wear shades (and so does Mom).

In other news, I have a few words to add to my vocabulary. "Emmo" (Elmo), "ehd" (red), "waa-waa" (quack, quack, as in duck), "milff" (milk) and the big one is "Aa-Aa" (Dada). I am also perfecting my "meow" which I love to call out lovingly to my three kitties, even Bailey.


Three Days With My Sweetheart

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I have a friend named Eliana. Well this weekend we went to the beach for THREE whole days together!! We left after my class on Friday and I was so pumped to be riding in the back seat with Eliana that I couldn't even nap. Here we are at the beginning of our journey.

That evening Eliana and I invented a new game where we run back and forth and scream and giggle, sometimes stopping to hug. Our mom's really enjoyed this. The most fun was when Eliana would hold my hand. She is so sweet.


On Saturday we went to the aquarium for the morning. I love that place. It was Eliana's first time there so I was super excited to show her around.

Then I found these awesome little crabs that were totally mesmerizing. I invited Eliana to come check them out with me.

Here I am with Mom in the crazy area where the fish swim all around you.

And here is Eliana with her mom in the same area.

After the aquarium we headed to the Rogue Brewery where we met up with my dad! I was so pumped to see him! Later that afternoon we had some more visitors, my Auntie Gina and Uncle Setha! They are pretty fun, especially Seth with his amazing beard. After I went to bed, Seth helped my dad get a new hairstyle. I think that he looks pretty cool.

It sure rained a lot but we were able to visit the ocean during high tide on Monday morning.


Eliana and I ran around some more.

And we ended our awesome beach trip in the same way that we began it.


Ill Nana

My mom was in college during the late 90's, because of this her musical taste from that time period can be a bit questionable. However, without having lived through the late 90's my parents would have never introduced me to the Ill Nana, miss Foxy Brown. This morning, mom put on "I'll Be" (featuring the very talented Jay-Z) and I ran out into the living room and busted some perfect moves- I was bopping in time with the bass beat and my parents were very impressed. I got so crazy that I was dancing with one shoe on and having to hold on to the cabinet to keep myself from falling over (which I did, soon after this photo was taken).

What is even more amazing than my dance moves is that Foxy also has a cochlear implant- can you believe that?!? She did not lose her hearing until later in life but I don't think that makes us any less meant to be. Even if she is a bit older than me and has a quick temper that has landed her in the "Big House", I still love the Ill Nana!


Student of the Household

Dad isn't the only student in our house now- today I had my first day of school! Mom says that it is called the Toddler Focus Group. She and I will go there three Friday's each month from 9:30am until 11am. I get to play with all of these new toys, have story time, sing songs and even eat a snack. I got to meet other kids who have special hearing needs like me, though no one else had an implant. I guess that the group is geared towards kids age two to preschool age but I got to start a bit early because I am doing so well with my listening and communicating (though I find it very hard to sit through story time). School is fun!

This isn't a photo of me at school (Mom forgot her camera today) but oh well, I sure do know how to take care of my favorite lovies....


Snuggle Master

I am a master snuggler. I love to cuddle up next to my mom and Ripley.

And to rub my face into Rip's soft fur.

I also had a little cuddlefest when Grandma came over yesterday, Rip included himself (as usual).

And earlier today, when Grandpa and Grammy Steph came over for a visit, I brought Grandpa my favorite lovies and snuggled up next to him.


Back to the Grind

This morning when I got up I was devastated to discover that my daddy was not here.


My mom explained to me that Dad is back in school- back to the same old grind- yuck..... So I decided to make the best of it. I got out my new tunnel toy (thanks Grandpa and Grammy Steph!) and Steinbeck crawled into it.

I thought it looked like he was having a good time so I decided to follow him in.

He seemed a bit irritated with that- learn how to share, Stein!

Then we headed to Kid's Club where I played with Stella in the bounce house. I got tired early today and came home to show Mom that I am still a good napper (I have been having a rough time taking naps the last few days). I can't wait to see my dad, that guy is the absolute best! I mean look what he has to put up with while trying to watch a Blazer game. He is so patient and nice to that monster he calls a cat.

Well, I have to admit that the monster cat, Ripley, is pretty sweet. Here is a terrible quality (phone) photo  that Mom took of me, Beary and Ripley yesterday.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is having a happy Monday!


The Big Two

Today my buddy Jack turns two! I have known him ever since I was born. Look how little and silly we were!

He is pretty fun to hang out with and likes to give hugs and kisses.

And he is a very serious artist, just like myself.

Tomorrow I am going to his big birthday party, I can't wait! Happy birthday Jack!