Student of the Household

Dad isn't the only student in our house now- today I had my first day of school! Mom says that it is called the Toddler Focus Group. She and I will go there three Friday's each month from 9:30am until 11am. I get to play with all of these new toys, have story time, sing songs and even eat a snack. I got to meet other kids who have special hearing needs like me, though no one else had an implant. I guess that the group is geared towards kids age two to preschool age but I got to start a bit early because I am doing so well with my listening and communicating (though I find it very hard to sit through story time). School is fun!

This isn't a photo of me at school (Mom forgot her camera today) but oh well, I sure do know how to take care of my favorite lovies....

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