Ill Nana

My mom was in college during the late 90's, because of this her musical taste from that time period can be a bit questionable. However, without having lived through the late 90's my parents would have never introduced me to the Ill Nana, miss Foxy Brown. This morning, mom put on "I'll Be" (featuring the very talented Jay-Z) and I ran out into the living room and busted some perfect moves- I was bopping in time with the bass beat and my parents were very impressed. I got so crazy that I was dancing with one shoe on and having to hold on to the cabinet to keep myself from falling over (which I did, soon after this photo was taken).

What is even more amazing than my dance moves is that Foxy also has a cochlear implant- can you believe that?!? She did not lose her hearing until later in life but I don't think that makes us any less meant to be. Even if she is a bit older than me and has a quick temper that has landed her in the "Big House", I still love the Ill Nana!

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