Three Days With My Sweetheart

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I have a friend named Eliana. Well this weekend we went to the beach for THREE whole days together!! We left after my class on Friday and I was so pumped to be riding in the back seat with Eliana that I couldn't even nap. Here we are at the beginning of our journey.

That evening Eliana and I invented a new game where we run back and forth and scream and giggle, sometimes stopping to hug. Our mom's really enjoyed this. The most fun was when Eliana would hold my hand. She is so sweet.


On Saturday we went to the aquarium for the morning. I love that place. It was Eliana's first time there so I was super excited to show her around.

Then I found these awesome little crabs that were totally mesmerizing. I invited Eliana to come check them out with me.

Here I am with Mom in the crazy area where the fish swim all around you.

And here is Eliana with her mom in the same area.

After the aquarium we headed to the Rogue Brewery where we met up with my dad! I was so pumped to see him! Later that afternoon we had some more visitors, my Auntie Gina and Uncle Setha! They are pretty fun, especially Seth with his amazing beard. After I went to bed, Seth helped my dad get a new hairstyle. I think that he looks pretty cool.

It sure rained a lot but we were able to visit the ocean during high tide on Monday morning.


Eliana and I ran around some more.

And we ended our awesome beach trip in the same way that we began it.

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