The Big Two

Today my buddy Jack turns two! I have known him ever since I was born. Look how little and silly we were!

He is pretty fun to hang out with and likes to give hugs and kisses.

And he is a very serious artist, just like myself.

Tomorrow I am going to his big birthday party, I can't wait! Happy birthday Jack!


  1. Hi Isaac! I just saw this blog post you did. It's so cool, thank you! Boy we were goofy when we were young huh? I love the times we get to hang out together. I hope to see you soon.

    Love, Jack

    p.s. my mom feels silly because despite all her tech savviness she didn't realize that when her friends write a post it pops up in the little window! now, she'll be able to read your posts more frequently & on time. silly mama.

  2. Hey Jack! I am glad that you liked the post! I had an awesome time at your party and hope that we get to hang out again soon (get it together, Mom's!).

    Love, Isaac

    p.s. My mom just figured that out as well, my dad had to help her out. Our mama's are very silly.