The Surprise

So Avery's parents told us that they had a surprise for my parents that we would get when we saw them last Sunday. But on Saturday, Midge asked us to meet her at Willamette Valley Vineyards so that we could have our surprise early....... We were all in anticipation as we drove up the long winding road to the vineyard..... and walked in the door..... and there, in the tasting room, was my parent's beloved- CARA!!!! I had never met my Auntie Cara. She has been in faraway places like Madagascar and, more recently, New Orleans. Wow!!!! We only chatted for a bit, I showed off for her and all that, then we headed home. The next day we drove to Eugene bright and early to spend the day with Cara, Midge, Jason and my cutie pie girlfriend (I am such a player:) Avery.

My parents have missed Cara very much and my dad was super happy to spend some time with his buddy.

My mom was too, she loves Cara and Midge (though Mom's hair seems to have gotten a bit wild).

I had lots of fun playing with Avery, she is already walking!!

I got an awesome new truck to play with while Avery taste tested her new outfit.


And played with Mom's camera.

Then I took some photos of myself (I am pretty talented).

And shared my milk with Cassidy the kitty.

At the end of the day we had to say good-bye to Cara, I hope we see her again soon! I hear that I get to see Avery tomorrow for New Year's- hooray!!!

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