So THIS is Christmas!

Ahhhh, now I understand what the fuss has been all about. Christmas is fantastic!!! Between the decorations, family time, gifts and yummy treats I was blown away. It all started on Christmas Eve when we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Jim's after I woke up from my nap. Grandma said that I got to open up a prettily wrapped gift, and when I did I found Elmo inside! To be perfectly honest, I was a bit unsure of him at first, well I kind of thought that he was alive.

But after I introduced him to Beary and they hung out to watch me open more gifts, I knew that he was just fine.

I also got an amazing truck that I can play with and ride on, I was too excited to even pose.

Then I ate a bunch of Grandpa Jim's fantastic homeade chili and Grandma's delicious homeade poundcake (Dad helped feed me, even though he doesn't look like he could help anyone do much of anything in this photo).

After this I was so exhausted that I took a bath and relaxed with Grandma until it was time to go home.

The next morning I got up and found that Santa/Grandma had come and brought me a wonderful new toy- a wooden trainset. Even though I was still bleary with sleep, I was super pumped! (ps, thanks for the jammies, Eliana!)

We opened up the rest of our gifts and then had some breakfast (not as good as at Grandma's, but I'll take it:)

After breakfast we took a nice walk and stopped at the park to shoot some hoops, it was really pretty out but cold, so I wore my new hoody that Grandma got me.

"Yo, Brandon Roy, over here!!!! "

Anyway, back to Christmas. Well I took my nap and then we drove out to Grandpa and Grammy Steph's house where there was even more delicious food and- get this- even more gifts!!! I almost went crazy!

On the top of my favorite gifts list is this amazing rocking chair.

Wow, Christmas really is a special time of year. I love my family.

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  1. Cant believe with all of our visitors (221 this month alone) no one has commented on the Brandon Roy shot. I thought that was a stroke of pure genius (photo and caption!). My mom sure has done a great job at writing these blogs, and not only maintaining but improving upon what my daddy had begun!