The Uh-Oh Squad

I have perfected the word "uh-oh". I use it to communicate when something falls, when my pj's are tripping my feet, when my video stalls or when something just isn't "right". Like at the beach last week. I was trying to explain to everyone that a spot on the wood was all weird looking so I kept saying "uh-oh" over and over.

The family wasn't much help in resolving the issue but they seemed to think it was pretty funny to see me all riled up and saying "uh-oh" so seriously. I guess that Grandpa used to play my mom a song called  "Call the Uh-Oh Squad" (by Robert Ellis Orrall) when she was a little girl, maybe if I made that call I would get some assistance.......

Besides "uh-oh" I have been trying to say the word "moon". We saw the moon on Wednesday morning at the beach. I got up bright and early at 6:30 a.m. and was able to see it outside the window as the sky was getting light- nice, huh?!

I have also been saying "mama", this makes Mom super happy. I love to run into the kitchen while she is cooking and call out "mama!".

When we are at the beach, we go to lots of restaurants where I get to eat yummy food and use big boy straws and cups to drink my water, totally hip. The best is when I get to do this all while sitting on the laps of my favorite people. Here I am with Grandpa Jim.

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