Tree Trimming, Tuesday's and Three-Legged Chairs

This past week has been pretty exciting. Last Friday, we headed to a special place where there were all of these big green trees. Dad said that we got to pick out one to take home!!!

After we picked out our perfect tree, we headed inside where I got to share a yummy cookie with Grandma while Mom and Dad drank coffee. I was pretty pumped, even though my nose was a bit runny.

Here I am with the parentals and all of the big trees. 

We brought the tree home and it was super, super exciting. Here I am when Dad put the tree up in the house.

Unfortunately, the camera's battery died right after this and we didn't get any shots of us trimming the tree- too bad, because it was AWESOME!!!

Anyway, on Sunday Mom and Dad took me over to Grandma's house and left- for the whole night! Can you believe it?! They went to a Christmas party at Kelsey's house and I guess that Eliana stayed with her uncle for the night. Eliana and I are not babies anymore!!! It was awesome to wake up at Grandma's house, she is the best.

I guess that Mom and Dad had a nice time at Kelsey's. Though I can't imagine that much of anything happens after 7pm, I mean doesn't everyone go to bed then?

On Tuesday evenings, Eliana comes over to my house while her mom goes to class. I love Eliana. She is the cutest girl in the whole wide world. I try to sit as close to her as I possibly can.

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