Beach days

Mom, Grandma and I are at the beach again, Dad is still super busy but I guess that next week his term will be over- more time for Isaac!!! I love the beach, I have so many fun toys here and I love to see what new adventures we will embark on each day. So far, we have driven to Yachats where we took a walk along a neat wooden path.

The path took us down to a road that went along the ocean, the waves were HUGE!

It was super cold but such a pretty day.

Here I am with Mom and the ocean.

While we walked to go get breakfast we spotted some seagulls- a lot of seagulls!!

At breakfast, I sat with Grandma and ate pancakes, oatmeal and some jam straight out of the container. There were even crayons for me to color right onto the tablecloth.

And there was an awesome view!

We stopped at the store on the way home where Grandma restocked our ice cream supply, I bet she will share with me!!

I am having a great time but it is hard not to miss my dad, he is the most fun in the whole wide world.

I am off for my nap, I hear that Grandpa Jim will be here when I wake up- hooray!!!

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