So Much Fun, So Little Time....

So my mom and I are total slackers. We have been too busy and having too much fun to post many blog entries. I thought that summer was a time to relax and enjoy the long sunny days........... We have spent some days at the coast, I really love the ocean now (check out Dad wearing Mom's sunglasses!).

And checking out neat plants that live in the sand.

I especially love snacking on the delicious strawberries that grow outside the beach house.

My friend Avery came to visit at the beach house- she has grown so much and is super fun to hang out with and chat with!!

Look how cool she is wearing my backpack!

I got to check out the Enchanted Forest with Mom and Grandma, so cool!!!!!

I especially loved the ice cream (which I have enjoyed more than once this summer:).

I went to the Art Fair and walked in a parade with Grandma, Grandpa Jim, Mom and Dad.

I like to dance to my favorite songs each morning. Right now I love Feist and her song "1234", especially the version that she does for Sesame Street.

I also love a song by Broken Social Scene called "Texico Bitches". Yes, I know the title is way too adult for me (I blame my parents) but I love to sing along with the chorus when the lead singer goes "ooowwww" and dance with Barkey.

I love swimming!

And ice cream (here is my "don't mess with me" look).

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am!!!!

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