Aka "eggs" are my new favorite thing to eat. I love to go to the fridge, point at the eggs and exclaim "ayyg-zz!!!" when I want them for breakfast. Mom lets me sit on the floor to choose the egg I want and to help break and stir it.

Then she takes them to the stove and puts them into a pan where they turn into yummy little egg bites.

And then it is time for the best part of all- when I get to eat them (with my special Lightening McQueen fork)!!

Sometimes I clap and say "Nice!" when I eat the eggs.

My mom is such a trooper, she really doesn't like eggs or like to cook them. I guess that she loves to see me enjoy the eggs more than she hates to cook them- thanks Mom!!!!!!!!


  1. I do not eat eggs either... if I eat 2/month is too much but my son loves them... I just found your blog, does your son have the cochlear implant? I have a 2 year old son and he was born deaf...

  2. Yes, I feel the same way about eggs, eating a bite is just too much:) Isaac has bilateral Cochlear Implants and turned 2 in April. He was born Deaf as well. Are you using sign language with your son?