Nope, not the kind that people get in their hair. These are some highlights from my busy life over the past month or so. Mom just can't seem to get it together to help me get my blog posted more regularly, I keep her quite busy:)

Tent time with Auntie Crystal.

Fun time with Aunt Rachel.

Sleeveless shirts.

Snuggles with Eliana.

Nice photobomb, Dad.

"Finding Nemo", and the bread box, of course. When we are at the beach house I can't go anywhere without the bread box.

Lots and lots of raspberries.

Small pools.

And big pools too! I don't have a photo of me in the big pool yet, but here I am having a snack with Dad after a dip in the pool.

Another awesome highlight was when Mom opened the front door and there was a box from Cochlear- with my new RECHARGEABLE batteries!!!!

It was very unexpected and exciting! For one, they are much more water resistant, which is great for the summer. Also, it is so nice for my parents (and me:) to not have to change my disposable batteries all of the time, it can be very inconvenient. Thank you Cochlear!!!!

My very favorite thing may have been Grandpa's birthday cake.

I especially loved the chocolate icing. I kept asking fore "More!" and exclaiming "Yes!" and "Nice!" each time Mom put a little more on my plate- yummy!

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