Good Things

On Friday, we drove to OHSU for my three month MAP and evaluation with Don. Dad was able to come along to this one and it was a success!!!!! I sat in his office, hooked up to the computer, playing with toys and eating a delicious chocolate chip cookie (thanks, Mom:) just like I used to with my first implant. A far cry from a few months back when I would not even go inside Don's office without crying..... I got my ear adjusted a bit and was told that I am doing just great, I feel very proud of myself (and so do my parents!).

My Mom came down with my cold on Friday, lucky her. She slept a lot on Friday night and was able to be outside with Dad and I on Saturday- it was beautiful out!!! We walked downtown and went to the playground by the river. I watched (and heard) a train go by.

Played on all of the fun toys.

And yelled into a big plastic thingy...

Later on, I enjoyed a snack on the deck at home.

On Sunday, we went to brunch with Grandpa and Grammy Steph to celebrate my dad's (belated) birthday. It was very yummy and I had a very nice time.

The past few days I have been wearing my ears in the bath tub. I have not been splashing as much and don't put my head under water so this keeps my CI's dry. It is super fun to hear all of the sounds. Plus, Dad can talk to me while I am in there.

I have been extra vocal since my ear was adjusted on Friday. Today I howled and woofed like a doggy with my friend at Kid's Club...... On a not so great note, I am not into napping right now. This is the third day in a row of no nap, I don't think my mom is impressed. Oh well...............

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  1. So fun to follow your progress. Brings me back to those earlier years with Dr. Don.