February Sun

We spent last weekend at the beach and the weather was very nice for a change. On Friday evening there was even a nice sunset that I got to watch!

We went to Newport on Saturday to have lunch and go down to Nye Beach. It was chilly but beautiful so I decided to head down to the water with my bucket to check things out.

I found a neat little spot where I could play and scoop water, Dad decided to join me.
My friends were even there to play in the water, I made sure that they had a good time too!

When it was time to go, I did not want to leave but we quickly headed to lunch and I was happy about that.

When I woke up from my nap, little Avery was there! She is so cute that I decided to share my car and strawberries with her.

Avery's mom is also cute and brought bubbles to play with!

That evening, there was another pretty sunset- how lucky are we?!?

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  1. hi isaac. it's me, your pal jack. i love your orange shirt. looks like the beach is fun. cool sunsets too dude.
    hope to see you soon.
    love, jack