Birthday's, Balloons and Big Hair

I woke up from my nap on Friday to some wild hair (and pink cheeks)!

I thought that I should call someone to tell them about it. 
But no one answered so I put on Mom's shades to complete my hip new look.
Later on, Eliana and Kelsey came over to help celebrate Dad's birthday. I was super happy to see Eliana and ran around the house to show her how cool I am (not that it wasn't obvious with my sweet hair). Mom made Dad a birthday cake and I got to help him blow out the candles!

The next day, I was looking at photos from the night before and discovered that a lot happens after I go to bed. Look at my friends on Dad's head!

And here they are on Rippy!

I guess that Eliana stays up and has fun too, how is this possible?!?

On Saturday we went to Avery's First Birthday party, it was super fun! I got to eat a cupcake and play on slides! Dad is so silly...

But the highlight of the day was when Avery's mom was nice enough to share one of Avey's balloons with me! I held on to that thing for the whole ride home. 

On Sunday we went to a delicious brunch at a winery with Grandma and Grandpa Jim to celebrate Dad's birthday. 

I had a great time eating lots of food and hanging out with my family. 
And taking photos of myself.

Unfortunately, soon after this photo was taken the camera had an unfortunate incident. Grandma warned Mom and Dad about the cement floor but they were in denial. I think that my life as a photographer will be put on hold until I am a little older. RIP beloved little Canon Camera, it looks like Dad's birthday money will be put to good use..................

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