Battery Life

When I used to wear my Freedom CI, I had rechargeable batteries, this was very nice. I love my new N5's but they do not have rechargeable batteries just yet. Since I wear two, I go through A LOT of batteries. At least they can be recycled.

Yesterday, I had another hearing test to see how I am doing with my left (newer) CI. Dad was able to come with me this time so that made things easier. I just feel really insecure in these situations and I hate not knowing what will happen next. Mom is great, of course, but Dad really helps to calm me when I am feeling apprehensive.

Anyway, I went into the booth with Dad and Angie and heard a lot of strange sounds. I looked around and buried my face in Dad's shoulder because I felt scared- but I consistently heard down to 20 db!!! Then Mom sang "The Wheels on the Bus" song into the microphone (lucky everyone who got to hear that little concert:) and when I could not see her I felt confused and cuddled up to Dad again- at 20db!! This is really good news because it has been hard to MAP my implant at OHSU since I get scared. Also, before my CI's, I couldn't hear sounds until around 70-75db (the lower the number, the better), which is very, very loud. 

I really do love my CI's, no matter how many batteries they use:)

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