In the past few days I have realized something very important. If I say "Mama" it helps me to communicate better with my mom. Like at Kid's Club the other day, I wanted Mom to play on the xylophone with me so I sat down next to it and grabbed one of the sticks and said "Mama" while handing the stick to her. She seemed very happy about this so I kept using "Mama" to let her know that I wanted her to shovel with me and to play with the xylophone again (hey, I love music!). Tonight Mom was putting dinner together while I was in my highchair already beginning to eat when I decided that I wanted to give her a bite of my noodles. I said "Mama" and held out a noodle and she ate it with a big smile on her face. How easy was that! I kept up the routine all during dinner and she seemed very happy with me. Apparently Mom likes to hear her name.......

We are still without a camera for a few more days so here is an old one of Mama and me.

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